Thursday , October 6 2022

Neuqun: A young woman went to a massage session and was abused.


Young Neuquén went to a massage session and had a nightmare when a masseuse (a 60 year old male) abused her. The incident occurred a year ago, but the incident happened last time.

The victim contacted the masseuse with a friend's recommendation. I took my turn on the afternoon of December 2, 2016. That day the woman was put at the disposal of a professional and a few minutes later the man began to touch the intimate part. Surprised, they stopped him and fled the office.

according to the report In the morningThe girl was criticized by the local tax office, had difficulty in investigating because she did not have a witness, and only the story of the young woman was counted. However, Interests in civil servants and victims (Ofavi) It caused a simple sexual abuse accusation and there was already blame.

In this way, Neuqun Justice fulfills a variety of behavioral guidelines but is very close to the judgment of a freely remaining massageist. There may be other hearings before the trial related to the needs of the experts. When this step is over, the masseuse will sit on the bench.

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