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Movies in video games: the three worst adaptations


We already know that the translation of the name of the movie can be "huge". Sometimes, however, barriers are not only idiomatic, but they also commit serious "atrocities" when they move from one form to another. In this area The film is based on video games, where we show the worst.

In this memo, we will talk about three movies inspired by the world. Gamer They were a fiasco that could not be overcome. This list, which will miss many other failures, begins with a staggering of one of the top stars in video games.

When a plumber makes water

in this week Mario Bros. I have my own animated movie. It will need patience, but it will be released in 2022, Diversity.

In the past, however, there are stains that Nintendo plumbers can not erase. We talk about movies. Super Mario Bros. You can see the trailer in seconds (see below). The result was very bizarre.. Mario, Luigi, and all characters in the game that humans represent. Cute Yoshi is a terrible dinosaur!

Previously, in 1986, Mario had an animated version. But it would be better not to continue punishing him.

In the dark …

That's right. It would have been more convenient to stay in the shadows. 2005 movie Shadow of AloneBased on the fourth split of the game Darkness alone: ​​a new nightmare.

It was calculated according to Uwe Boll's instructions, but was effective in other applications of video uegos, but the results were not very applauded. In fact, it is ranked among the 100 worst films in history. iMDb.

"Finally, what came out on the screen is a movie that does not have a genre defined, and there are movies that do not have genres defined, not horror, no drama, no comedy, scripts that are meaningless, stereotypes and hacked phrases and characters. I can not connect more than one word in a row, "he criticized. Hobby console.

It's a fight.

Of this trio The worst movie based on games Finished Deadly Scepter: Extinction, A sequel in 1997. Fans of the famous fighting game agree that this second part is much worse than the first part published two years ago.

In this case he relies on the game. Fatal Scarlet 3. In the trailer, you can discover the visual effects that a movie feels on the screen. How bad is the graphical figure: it had a budget of $ 30 million and barely got it to cover the investment.

Anyway, these movies (and the funny games that many people have based on video games) can become a trend at this time because they are a good excuse to blow free rein to "ironic consumption".

And what do you think? What other movies do you want to add to this ranking?

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