Friday , August 19 2022

Moto Morini presents two new Seiemmezzo models


Both the STR, the naked, and the SCR, the scrambler, share the same basis. Both have the 649cc liquid-cooled parallel twin engine that we have already seen in the X-Cape, which explains 61 CV and 8,500 rpmsuch as a tubular steel chassis, an aluminum swingarm, USD front fork and a rear monoshock.

In both cases, the braking system is responsible for two 300 mm discs front bitten by calipers with four pistonsA rear 255 with double piston caliper is added. Both have neoretro lines, especially the scrambler, and on their steering wheel there is an instrumentation with 5 ”LCD screen. The lights are LED and, as you can see, although almost all STR and SCR share it, they can achieve their own identity.

Moto Morini

Yes indeed, the scrambler chooses to mount a 19 ”front wheel and a 17” rear wheel, which loses a better behavior when we leave the asphalt. The naked keeps the 17 “at the back, but opts for an 18” edge at the front that is better to handle and faster on the road. In addition, the STR has a low fender that is close to the wheel at the front while The SCR adopts a high mount one under the headlight, expose the wheel.

At the moment Moto Morini has not given any instructions on the possible international launch of its Seiemmezzo STR and Seiemmezzo SCR, but considering that the X-Cape has already arrived in our country, it would not be surprising if the new nude and scrambler follow the same path.

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