Tuesday , August 3 2021

Mirtha Legrand met with a guest and stopped him

The economic Mariano Gorodisch was at Mirtha Legrand's table and a stand-up show as your advice to save. The expert encourages the use of lemon as a deodorant, shake bananas as a natural exfoliant and First add to the drink to get it more.

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All guests were surprised to have tips. Nevertheless, Chiqui at one time asked for his voice to ask Gorodic to be more synthetic with their declarations. "Well, the last end, I must also talk with the reason," cried the sender.

"He sent me out hard! It's great. It has its Mirtha character," warns the economy. "Yes, I have character"Say the figure of eltrece, very frankly." Thank you, "said Andrea Politti, very uncomfortable," that he also was invited to & # 39; e diva.

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Gorodisch was with his advice to save and, at that time, the driver indicated that they did not want to stop. "Don't take it seriously. There are six guests. I have to manage the table", Noted Mirtha.

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