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Memories about the future of Cristina and other oddities – 07/22/2019


Candidates are attempting to convince us that there are primary choices candidates who have already been chosen that they finally seem to convince us and convince themselves that government is elected.

D is over three weeks for the STEP, which means, but it's not open, at the same time, and mandatory primary. In most cases, they were made unique lists by the same partisan note that was said to the STEP that it was searched for. Of course with compulsory and at the same time.

It will be a kind of expensive, yet reliable survey in a time when pollsters are not as polls. No part of it: lowering costs, most are phones, not face-to-face. The coolest ones are the fact that Macri maps with Christianity. STEP will explain Where is each? The fundamental battle will be back in Buenos Aires: it is difficult for Macri to win the national elections if he loses the election of a province.

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With polarization are more accounts and finite accounts to take out. One is how many people will vote and where. In 2015, participation in Buenos Aires was 77% and in GBA 73.8%. The GBA, much larger and more beneficial for Peronism and the interiors more beneficial to macroism. Another problem, age: Macri mow more in people older than 45, in contrast to Fernandez.

Cristina wants to look like a bright candidate. If it is displayed, it is displayed as it is. Cristina was back to fight with Luis Novaresio … for a 2017 interview. It is seen that the blood remained in sight. They are also these Memories of the future.

He described the report as question marks. And if there were chaos in other networks, he went out to explain that it was a metaphor, so that people could not understand that journalists reported to the government partners and submit a poll to & # 39; e opponents. 100 percent Cristina.

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With or without metaphors in mid-interview, a misinterpretation remains for Cristina. It is a novelty and an unacceptable novelty.

What remains of this pulse in which the Fernández speaks today about the crisis and the government speaks least of what will come with Cristina is that it is an important campaign for what is played, but not brilliant. Macri originates from the Conurbano, to start Cristina's Capital. Even her candidate, Lambs, says that she is trained by reading Fidel Castro's words, saying he is still not a Kirchner or an anti-Kirchner. So what is it?

Look, too

Another rarity: The middle way of Mass was to go to where he claimed he would never run and where he let him pay when he paid his followers. And another: Lavagna's fights with everyone who called him and almost everyone else he called. Except with Urtubey and even there, with Luis Barrionuevo, maybe he is the one who finances the operation. Lavagna called his strength consensus: A case for psychoanalysis.

In a mood most of his voices would go to Macri. Not as much as the one of the rhetorical economist Espert, who tried to get out of Macri and noticed everyone. Espert started incarnating and ending the right side of the system One more anti-system voice. You have to see how much together. And how much left together: he assembled a big cowl and split the Labor Party, the whole. It stays as close as possible when it's not coherent. In all cases, the STEP will have consequences.

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