Tuesday , October 26 2021

Mató a su hijastro de 10 año, se atrincheró durante ocho horas y luego suicidó


El Grupo Halcón has been arranging negotiations with the athlete from 8 months to abduct the act and withdraw. Ultimately, the efective deciding to break into the home of the 16-year-old man escuchar a disparo. Al verse rodeado y sin salida, el asesino decidió quitarse la vida.

"Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of the country", precisely in the first instance of the Comisario General Corvalán, a cargo of operations. Pero luego, su abogado defensor confirmó el deceso: "Falleció en el hospital".

Corvalán explains that the rescate figures are demolishing the bastion for the first time to rescue the aggressor. "From the first moment the Grupo Halcón has begun to hope that the deputy of the act will be on the contrary."

The troubled place was built in an area around 116, from 529 to 530. The first hour of the year, a patron of the police officer in charge of the house traces the lamentation of the woman who denies the crimes of her son in part of her ex.

Al llegar, los efectivos se encontraron con una imagen abrumadora. There is the birth of a woman with a ball of heroes and a woman and her husband's heart, for 10 years, with a blistering armchair in the peach.

The aggressor is identified as Juan Cruz Chirino, 27 years of age, since there are psychic problems and "mantenía con la mujer una relación infermiza a causa de celos", contó un vecino.

Según allegados a la pareja, There is a crisis in the past several months and the conflict that has begun to aggravate the fact that the man is the one who did not go to the job.

Después del ataque, the man is encircled in one of the habitats that have the house, which permitted the intelligence of 16 hours. Currently, the specialist group Grupo Halcón intends to negotiate with him for giving up his life. By the end of the world, all the people were escaped and escaped from the battlefield.

The first thing she deserved was that of the Peugeot Partner, and she was chatting with VW New Beattle rojo in the crucifix of the calls 140 and 521. The predecessor of the deadly quarters of her husband and her husband, who was sent to a center of salvation cercano.

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