Thursday , June 24 2021

Marcelo Gallardo: "I don't want to join the team in these five games"

Marcelo Gallardo spoke in advance to the river's decision against Defense and Justice and acknowledged that it was not the best time for this effort for one of the best teams in & # 39; to execute a Super league.

"After a little rest, a few days of work, we found it uncomfortable, but we had to play it. It was a high game, with a small scale, a few incomes … Very balanced in terms of tactic. The game field could the two teams did not help to have a better game, "said de Muñeco, saying:" They found the goal, they closed well, they were well-off and we had no energy or clarity to find the back.

Gallardo called the three changes that he made at the same time and explained his intention: "Try to limit the minutes of the game, some have to play 90's and others, no. If I had the chance, I would Have made more changes, find that the team is not set up in these five matches, so they do not have the best preparation. "

"We are short because we have wounded players, two in youth … We have to see how it is better to keep the noise," said the river's coach. a conference.

"We need to update illustrations, set new challenges, and that is, if I haven't left. I don't see singing, for what happened, we'll never bury it, but leave it a little to stimulate us, "Gallardo said together," We will look for the best performance with the matches. "

"We have to win to be successful in getting at least closer, but I can't help but forget the moment we are. It might be with my players, I think it's a normal situation at that time We want to play a game of preparation, but we were calculated by the points, "Gallardo said. And he closed: "We must not forget, we will treat".

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