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Luciano Pereyra had his big night of party – 12/09/2018

In the hypothetical case some refused, among the 40,000 attendees to look of this sumptuous Saturday Vélez, will ignore twenty years They were received this night, a sedative and carmother Luciano Pereyra (Clearly guilty for dancing and uncontrolled to float with his fanatics), it would not take long to let him. "Today is a day of celebration", the ambassador of folklore rehearsing so many times in & # 39; The three inevitability of a holiday in the open air.

Worn a half hour from the route for the debut in a stadium Life in the Wind Tour, while the figure of 'erased drone with an airfight in' the stables and the false mist (the product of a powerful armchair) in the immense appetite of a fatality of # 39; the women, the then appeared and of a mobile platform under the stage, the musical icon

On the sound of the first stanza I love you and without a wind of wind there was the singer with a serene expression in his song the beginning of a party "in a great way" was depreciated. And like all parties, he warned, "They are made with friends." It was when it was raised to topics with themes Without witnesses, I can not forget you en Red dress, the first foreign guide is on the center to sing a fun version I will be, suitable curtain of soap opera Hope of mine. She is Camila Gallardo and is the great vote of Chile, announcing the international star of Curly hair and the English face emerged from # 39; The Chinese version of reality The vote.

Author of endless lyrics left by love – he was a potpourri in the middle of # 39; Learning shows, the homeland of Luján has given two unreleased songs a kind of live karaoke. "I would like to be all the models of this new video," warns two gigantic screens, giving the feature that the present could read the backlash of any location.

A flying avenue of the Vélez stadium, full of the funeral of the twenty-year career of Luciano Pereyra's career.

A flying avenue of the Vélez stadium, full of the funeral of the twenty-year career of Luciano Pereyra's career.

Premiere Stand by Me, it was the turn Make yourself and thereby the terrible request of a Luciano was, in any case, making all the heirs with her partner. "All men could use the benefit of this night to ask their husbands for marriage", namely those who went to the end of # 39; The show has been distributed in double platinum cabin for the over 40 thousand copies sold in physical and digital format, including a distinction between 56 sold Since he began his trip in Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and the United States.

After 120 minutes there's the sound of the charango, the accordion and the violin, the various climates of & # 39; The evening song, the singer – her costume total-white shirt and trousers caused a badge – he gave emotionality.

Sensitive to tears, in performance Your hand his more human side has arisen. "If we agree, we can do many things," Luciano emphasizes the 'roll of' the role is showman, asking them to donate the gifts for him in donations to create a solidarity cruise.

Then and between white balls multiply into the audience, it was the turn of his tribute to his godfather in # the profession. The image of the late Horacio Guarany is the first time with emotion Festilindo, that he deserves in any stanza of honor Memories of an old song.

In the heart of hearts and for a large part of women in the field, posters have said "Lu, you are my polyamory" – there was also space for an exciting round of the 23 degrees temperature rise. At a couple of crowns of light, a lady who was 50 years old at the foot of # 39; The stage was the lower part of her lingerie, Luciano's tone.

Guest from the house received the Silean Luciano Jara applause with her version of Zamba to be forgotten Like the singer Antonio José (also opening of 'show' show) happy with his If you fall in love.

And if something found to be final after two decades of tears by Luciano Pereyra, it was the artificial (and personal) intervention of his friend and colleague Soledad Pastorutti, with whom the user demanded a different version on the audience of 'hit' Guild or not by Luis Miguel.

"This is not politics, this is music and music unite us," he provided the jury La Voz Argentina, in the same line, requested reflection: "Although we always had to compete for several companies, there was never a knife between us. We must be happy if the other does well, in all areas."

Music promise since his youth, this time was not only satisfied with his classic balades, but motivated by the merger of this genre with urban rhythms and thoughts of Latin pop, disappearing with his swim dance. The audience, thankful for his hanging hip movement, stumbles.

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