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Leonardo Ponzio may have legal issues when entering Madrid


The definition of Libertadores Cup It has all the elements for a fiction. The general confession about the chosen way, the request for Mouth from winning the title on & # 39; the descriptions, the acts of violence in the region Monument hall and the resolution to take the duel to the stadium Real Madrid They make a dramatic episode that could be represented on the big screen.

In the last hours, Leonardo Ponzio He was one of the starfactors of # 39; the novel because of his past in the Zaragoza. According to the newspaper Fire of Spain, the guidance gear Millionaire I could legal nuisance if you come to the Iberian capital involved in an issue on the proposed regulation of matches when the player was in the team Aragón.

The meeting in which the captain of the cast Núñez Expected to have been indicated by someone Zaragoza en Levante in it 2010/11 season of The League, matched to the last day of & # 39; the competition.

At that occasion, uA dozen Zaragoza players received 120,000 euros for the game set in May of 2011. Because none of the main characters could justify the mysterious income is the made progress in that February It was known that All those involved will go into trouble, in September 2019.

De Provincial farm of Valencia, the city there 's the controversial match with the victory of # 39; Zaragoza by 2 to 1 arrange for Ponzio Two years of prison and six-year disqualification for sport.

What the Advocates River search to confirm that the situation of Middle Ages can not prevent him Spain, & # 39; according to the sources of election, the # 39; would be involved not fully professional activities in Europe can do at least 6 years.

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