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Landing on Mars Really Messes with your work plan


Landing on Mars Really Messes with your work plan

This photo is the first image of Mars by NASA's InSight Mars lander after its successful landing on the plans of Elysium Planitia on November 26, 2018. The fabric in the # 39; The image is seen on a dust cover that protects the camera.

Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech

Time zones are always fast – but interplanetary timefranchements are even harder to track, and NASA's Mars InSight Lander lands successfully on the Red Planet, which is just about doing some misunderstandings.

A martini is not distinguished in the length of a terrestrial day – it is only 37 minutes longer. But in & # 39; At the time, all minutes are a number of martial dag, called a sol, of earthly verbs.

And it turns out to be a pain for the people who manage Mars as robots as the InSight landscape – people as user name Farah Alibay. The InSight team is small enough that the members do not break in, or the people behind the Curiosity rover do; Instead, they work as one group, Alibay told Space.com in a video interview. [NASA’s InSight Mars Lander: Full Coverage]

The people in the team also want to work in Martian's night, while the spam does not work. So they signed yesterday at 3 o'clock. Local time at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California (6 p.m. EST, 2300 GMT) for a slaughter 12 hours, Alibay was launched for InSight. But if they always follow the Martian period, their routes will be 37 minutes from the day, which is hard for people to manage.

"All these days, this link is just too hard for human bodies," said Alibay. So members of the team have worked on a commute. "If the planets are based and we can work on our daily day and Martian night, we work every day, and then do not do it, we work every other day, and there is enough scientific analysis on ' the soil at that time, thus ensuring the kind of works. "

The mission calendar will run sole, with the launch on November 26, Sol. (In scientific scheme is scheduled for 709 total solo or almost two decades.) So, Alibay and its colleagues must navigate the pursuant careers, arrangements and family negotiations while working with the Insight lander, it's a reliever to stop on Mars for all 709 of that sols.

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