Saturday , May 28 2022

La présidente de Sol Pérez a Lourdes Sánchez: "Preocupate que no te muera tu hijo"


It is a new capability in the struggle between Sol Pérez and Lourdes Sánchez, companions in the Bailando 2018. The letter commences in Marcelo Tinelli's ceremony and continues in the social circles.

The four-month consultation was conducted by Martín Fierro's protagonist, the explanatory model of the surgery: "The four posts on Twitter as well as the launch of a program for chicos with all the barbarities that are going on. me contesta: 'Preocupate por que no te muera los perros'. Yo no le digo a ella:' Preocupate por que no te muera tu hijo.

"I'll be here as well as the cowboy if you have a person." This is the way I met, which now they met with me, "said the ruble.

Además, the exotic climatic aspect of Lourdes is a relic, which "invented the suffering of the people of Laflia" and that he had to pay for it at times. "This is the time I'm borrowing with me. This is a pity chequear, with blueberries and algae there are borrowed tugs. Ella borró porque se dí cuenta de que estaba mal ".

For its part, Lourdes is presenting in the program of Angel of Brito a rompium in the reputation of its companion in the Bailando. "I have the cargo of all the goods that I need to tell you now that this is the case, whether it's a bundle or a bell, or any other animal, or any other person.

El Descargo de Lourdes tras la desafortunada frase de Sol Pérez

We have justified a human life that has been published in Chato Prada, in Lourdes, to explicitly say "there is a mere jerk that has been misinterpreted in its palaces".

Ahora, the juice of the bar is the second man and the proprietor to have a charlie as a grown-up adult. "Please leave my heart", soltó.

In the aftermath of Marcelo Tinelli, Marcelo Tinelli will pay as a mediator in the social circles. "This is a reflection on @Lourdesanchezok @SolPerez for the termination of the absurd debate in the entry, which does not mean that there is a lot of people going on in. It's a matter of fact. Read More ", describing the conductor on Twitter.

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