Tuesday , November 30 2021

La Plata sacudida por 6 asesinatos en 5 días: en Olmos mataron a un menor y en 1 y 42 a una mujer


There are other casinos. The adolescent of the 17-year-old was shot dead in his head in the home of 40 between 156 and 157, apparently by a personal touch. Search the Terminal masacraron to connect to a female

Golpes, cuchilladas y tiros. Así, bajo casi todas modalidades homicidas posibles, seis personas muras de la plata en los últimos cinco días, a razón de un asesinato cada 20 horas. The final results of the promises are: ocurrieron ayer.

En uno de ellos, la víctima fue una mujer (ver One of the main causes and prostitution as a femicide trait in a pensión). In the rest of the casinos, hombres of distant miles. At the same time, the green tea cushioning of the algae is more personal than the rainy season, which is the decade of managing the terminal.

The homosexuals are descended, and the 50 people in the region are in the region.

Un tiro en la sien

The Ciudad is despairing with the fact that the sang has fallen below the price of 6.30 of the men and the 40 stalls between 156 and 157 escucharon gritos desgarradores de un chica. Sin saber los motivos, pero seguros de que algo grave pasaba, llamaron al 911.

Daiana Aguirre, age 18, came to see the misery of his wife Pedro Iván Lazalde, 17, who was in charge of comparing, with a herd in the caste.

La pareja del volcano volvió a su casa con su boca en brazos y los vio tirado, con un disparo en la sien

The posters of the debate have convinced the people that they have come to the conclusion of a new crimes in La Plata, for which there are police officers of the DDI, the Fiscal Juan Menucci, and the Censorship Policies that affect the location of rusters and evidences. Secuestraron of innumerable munitions, a plump encircled and a tram stop.

Revisaron armarios, muebles, the bait and so have the beard of the paradise, but the homicidal aroma is the one who descends from the principle of a suicidal hypothesis. Forensics that have revised the conclusion that the men marvel at the cause of the disappearance of the perpetrator, the arbitration, and the salaries of the Occupational Zone, while the horizon between the two sides is found.

Los que no escucharon los gritos de la chica supieron que algo grave había pasado al observar el imprevista desembarco de móviles. Las cintas rojas y blancas les marcaron dónde. Información fuera, detalles no eran muchos.

The vices that accompany the haze on this diagram describe in a bar as "tranquil" and the appendage, the condition of the identities, "to enter" into the vicinity. "There is nothing wrong with that," said a woman, "It's been a pleasure to say," since it's just a few years old "with the chica with a chewing tone that is a bean that has never been tasted to be a cumpling an año ".

Fuentes official confirmaron is the diary that the jaw is in the domicile when it comes to mating. At the bottom of the story, the verse says: "The discipline is with the beans in the heart of the world, and they live in the same place."

"Having been working for 6 months with the beans, I have to go to Iván Muerto with a shotgun in the head," said the vice versa. Other fraternal recordings have escuched a "fiery exposure" of 3 months, but they have already reported on 911. "Pensamos that have grown up in disarray," explains a vernacular.

La causa, abierta en un principio como "averiguación de causales de muerte", cambió a "homicidio simple", e avanza sobre testimonialos de todos de familiares, conocidos y eventuales testigos. También con conjunction del seguridad de seguridad cercanas. "No hay nada revuelto, ni faltantes, ni aberturas violentadas", cerró un pesquisa, reforzando el móvil "personal", aunque no sepa la causa, or the identity of the authors.

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