Tuesday , June 6 2023

Jujuy's lithium project is "the most important in the world".


John Kanellitsas, president of Lithium Americas Corporation, said Jujuy will have "the world's most important project" in lithium carbonate for electric vehicle batteries at the Olaroz-Cauchari salt shop. They are already "100 million dollars" and in the next step "plan more than $ 400 million".

"This will be the world's most important project in the electric vehicle market," says Kanellitsas Telam, "the battery's raw material comes from this salt."
"We invested $ 100 million and plan to invest another $ 400 million in the next phase."

The statement cavernously assessed the first production pool of Exar SA, a mine company in Juar, a joint venture of lithium America (62.5%) and germanium lithium (37.5%).

Salar Olaroz-Cauchari The pit was filled with chlorine, and the process of concentrating lithium with the evaporation of solar and wind started.

"We have lithium for many generations, we have calculated more than 40 years, and this whole sector is very abundant," Kanellitsas added. "We will develop everything very slowly and sustainably."

The plant is located 300 kilometers west of San Salvador de Jujuy, and according to Exar, a total of 20 hectares of ponds will be constructed, totaling 1,200 hectares.

The Jujeña mine project started 11 years ago, but the production and export of lithium carbonate will begin only in 2020, the report said.

The development plan directs initial production at stage 1 of 25,000 tpa and directs it to stage 2 at 25,000 tpa.

Kanellitsas said the produced lithium carbonate will be exported to "China, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Germany, other countries in Europe, and the United States and China."

"Jujuy is now a lithium plant, so the name Jujuy is internationally known, and we chose Fuhu for its resources and people."

He also emphasized through Ganfeng Lithium, "New Chinese partners can realize global business for many years."

Jujuy is Sales de Jujuy, a subsidiary of Orocobre, another company dedicated to the production of lithium carbonate in Olaroz, which began production in 2014.

On the other hand, mining director of Sanchez in Carolina emphasized that lithium mining activity is a strong impulse in the country where Jujuy is exploiting its development potential.

In this context, he says, "Lithium is in the world market in the form of lithium carbonate, lithium hydroxide or lithium chloride, which is demanded not just for battery manufacturing but for other applications as well." On the other hand, The establishment of a company is an opportunity for people to appeal to the development of the community and to "prevent roots and improve the economic situation".

It currently has a lithium carbonate battery grade of 17,500 metric tons available to customers worldwide.
Worldwide demand for lithium is on the rise every year, due to battery demand replacing the historic first place used in ceramics and glass.

In addition to popularizing personal electronics, a larger growth project has been created by extending lithium-ion batteries from electronics to other areas such as power tools, automobiles and energy storage devices.

Industrialized countries such as Korea, USA, Japan, China, Belgium concentrate the most imported lithium carbonate, lithium oxide / hydroxide.

Lithium carbonate accounts for almost 2% to 7% of the battery cost, according to experts, but is an essential input for production.

Using lithium can benefit the environment because cars can use energy from carbon-free renewable energy sources instead of naphtha or diesel to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

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