Thursday , August 11 2022

Juana Viale's reaction to Julia Mengolini


"I am not a feminist and I do not believe in gender equality."I declared. Huana Biale A few days ago his statement had a big impact and Julia Mengolini decided to cross the actress on the social network.

"They are ashamed because they are so ashamed, and the worst part is that they are wonderful."I did not stay in the sidelines, but Juana went to the crossroads to get her une neo (ninguneo)I do not know who Julia Mengolini is."

"If you think I am a beast, your mind must be much wider than mine, but at least I am strong and nothing happens.", The actress Saturday mode "She said, "It's not cool, and if you want to explain in Spanish in your own language, I do not know what" cold "means. Because I am born and grew up in Argentina."

Regarding echoing, he considered: "What you always say reverberates. I understand that people do not agree and that we have a variety of opinions and can make it clear. If people disagree that I am not a feminist, it is their theme."And he kept his position firm."I do not think I am equal to a person."

Before consulting the dichotomy on the network in relation to the legitimate abortion law,The legalization of abortion does not talk about the banner of feminism. It is a law that should go out for women. I do not have to be a feminist if I want it. There are a lot of people who want to make laws and not feminists."

"I care very much about everything, but I do not criticize my work. There is a shikaine that respects me but does not change my life. I live a very rich life in terms of love.", For whom Juana is expressed"Criticism will exist, exist and exist."

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