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It creates casinos among most of the journals and constudios


The ethanol that concentrates the person most affected by HIV has descended into the province of the past. Tienen between 25 and 30 years of age have been diagnosed with migraines that have taken place within a period of time between 35 and 30 years.

Así señaló el titular del Provinciale de Sida, the doctor Víctor Bittar Experts point out that this is especially relevant to the high level of preventative measures. One of the advocates has been particularly attentive to the attitudes that have added the personality of the superior education personality that is diagnosed with HIV. The first segment was 34.8% and 2017 and 31.8% of the year.

Sin embargo, The mayor of the nuevos diagnostics suggests that persons with secondary education are 44.5% of the casinos.

The human human infection virus is the precursor of the disease, has been installed in the societies since the decade of 80 The advocates have the potential to identify identities in preventing and triggers that affect the impact. Asimismo has been able to control the convergence of trafficking and prevention, in the case of success 1 december, Internacional de la Lucha contra el Sida. This is just the sense of continuity of transmissions.

The diagnostic and diagnostic casings are a very dramatic, embargo, and the program that the demands of the notifications indicate explains the phenomenon and estimate It's about the year 2019's mediations.

Así In 2018, there were 185 casualties of HIV and 46 of Sida versus 296 and 61 respectfully identified as the old one. Bittar advocate that it is believed that 300 people have been killed in the country and that the province presents one day in the 300-year HIV diagnostic tests of the day.

Because of this, the estimate is already the last thing we have. Having said that information and access to preventive medicines, the last 8 years have presented a report of recent casual duplicate cases in front of the front.

In 2000 and 2000, Mendoza reported that NT32 diagnostics of VIH had been taking place since 2010 until 2018 was 2.573.

"No tenemos una verdad absoluta, creemos que se resta de los cuidados que la gente debe tomar como medidas preventivas, los jóvenes saben qué es el VIH y cómo debe cuidarse, pero reconocen que no siempre usan el preservativo", comentó. Perhaps, an important transmissionary transaction is the oral sex for the majority of the state in the protection of the most unlikely that it will be able to transmit.

"There are so many ways to keep up with the benefits when it's time to buy and much of the products are the products of the alcohol medicines in other ways, and there are many other ways to deal with them", agregó el titular del programa.

Índice de masculinidad

The varones will be considered as much more than afectados and the last time the end of the month of masculinity.

This year, 75.68% of the new diagnostics for cis-varones (varones biológicos que se autoperciben como tales), 21.1% of cis-masters and 3.2% of trans-mums.

The male indication that there is a breeding effect between women and biological treatments with HIV / AIDS, this is the year. Después de presentar varios años 2.7 aunque con alternancias de pequeños picos hacia arriba, and 2018 marcó 3.7. This implies that There are 3.7 bits of this kind with the infection.

Actividades principales


* From 9 to 13.30. Asesoramiento y testeo en:
CONI (Ciudad), Hospital Universitario (Ciudad) and Centers of Prevention, Ascension and Trial of Palmira (San Martín), La Colonia (Junín). Las Heras y OSC Vida Infantil realizarán testeos en la Plaza Marcos Burgos.
* From 9 to 13, the Faculty of Medicine of the UNCUIO: Consultation and tests, have been re-elected.
* From 11 to 14. Earlier in the Comedor Universitario.


* Complejo Almafuerte (Luján de Cuyo) and Complejo de Jóvenes Adultos (Ciudad).
Programa Municipal for HIV / AIDS – Guaymallén
* 10 and 13. Ascension and Testeo explains the municipality of Guaymallén.
Centro Medicids (Rodríguez y Pueyrredón) from 8 to 13 y 16 and 21.

Saturday 1 december

* The Provincial of Asia, Osep, the Faculty of the United Nations Medical Centers, and the Hospitalization of Tests and Activities in the Parish of San Martín, 9-15 in Rosedal.
* Municipalidad de la Ciudad de Mendoza. From the 18th to the Parque Central
Fundación Rock and Vida. From 18 in Paseo Alameda (in Córdoba and San Martín de Ciudad). Asphalt and testers, interventions and artistic information.
* Programa Municipal for HIV / AIDS – Guaymallén. The 17th and 21st centuries of the Virgin Islands are realizing Ascension and Testeo.

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