Friday , July 23 2021

In March, 12.3% fell for private, mass-market use

"The negative differences are deeper in the city of Buenos Aires and the neighborhood of Buenos Aires as well as in the interior, which speaks of different realities, not only of the macro effect (it may be the case from the importance of rural in the interior) but also the various competitive dynamics of a retail trade in each region & # 39; He marks the report.

The inter-national price variation in March of & # 39; a local store is over 52% and remains an up-and-coming trend.

The main failures are related to the performance of non-alcoholic beverages with 22.97%, 17.13% dairy products and 9.46% non-alcoholic beverages, in the first quarter of the year.

The report indicated that in spite of these falls "It starts to look at a positive behavior or emotion from some categories from the Basic Basket, which can, in general context, be judged as specific".

In this case, categories such as corn flour, travel, dry pasta, marsh, tomato sauces, sugar, coffee and some bakery products are positive signs.

Of course, these are very present categories in homes and in & # 39; the table of the Argentines and that's why it's interested. In terms of competitiveness, this is a major challenge for leading brands, as the products that are the most are the lowest price offered for consulting.

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