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In 2017, more than 2,900 Peruvians died of diabetes.


In Peru, 2,950 people died. diabetes In 2017 Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)In RPP News Peruvian Diabetes Association (Adiper)Endocrine scholar Jorge Calderon.

Why Peruvian people should continue to die diabetes There is a population increase in big cities. Immigrants are adopting a detrimental lifestyle in the city..

"About 50 years ago, about 30% of the population lived in rural areas. At present 95% live in urban areas.. It changes the way people live in Peru. "Calderon explains.

Among these changes, we find that most adult family members work. Their immediate attitude forces them to consume fast food based on soft drinks, fried foods and food. Carbohydrate content is high.

Since most adults have left their home for the longest, The children are distracted and there is no one to accompany the park to do physical activity.. The children stay home in front of the screen watching TV or playing video games. This form of dementia is a condition that affects the health of the whole family.

"For this reason, diabetes progressively increases. Currently, about 30-40% of people with diabetes in Peru are silent diseases and have not been diagnosed.. People recognize it when they have problems with their feet, kidneys or eyes. "Calderon, an endocrinologist, warns.

Diabetes has escaped another disease of the 21st century. The first harmful condition to human health. According to Adiper's president, The main causes of limb amputation due to diabetic foot; It is also the main reason for dialysis in Peru and the world. Another deterioration factor was the main cause of blindness due to retinal detachment.

"Two of the third people in the diabetic Cardiovascular disease Myocardial infarction or cerebrovascular accident, "added Calderon.

Peru should learn to take preventive measures in neighboring countries.

Some South American countries are adjusting their diabetes care strategies. Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil This country is responsible for diagnosing diabetes in the entire population.

"They evaluate every three years Glucose levelStudy the prevalence of diabetes at the population level. Chile has a kind of disease census and access to medicines.. In Argentina, the state provides the patient with a glucometer machine. "

Clinica Delgado, Alberto Quintanilla's endocrinologist Take your health and perform 150 minutes of physical activity per week.According to the WHO recommendation, Overweight and Obesity They are the main cause of diabetes in Peru and the world.

Jorge Calderón de Adiper is a person with the following conditions: Annual Glucose Diagnosis to Prevent Diabetes: 40 years old or older; Overweight or obesity; History of diabetic patients; Women who gave birth to more than 4 kilograms Gestational diabetes.

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