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"I used to say that studying architecture is expensive and I want to make progress," the bearer's brother was shot – November 18, 2010


"Shem, shem … I just got shot."Kevin Axel Sanhueza, 27, recorded the record in the Glovo delivery staff group, one of the "low cost" delivery platforms copied from the city of Buenos Aires and La Plata. Kevin is from Neuquén and majoring in architecture. Through this program, he found an alternative to redefining his career. While he was giving orders to midnight Saturday, he was shot during a robbery attempt. "Armored Car" condemns the wave of incidents on delivery people.

Kevin is from Plottier, 15 kilometers from the capital city of Neuquén. 5 years ago I received a scholarship. To travel to Buenos Aires and dream of architecture study, he lives with other young people in the Albergue de la Berisso area run by La Plata University. Thanks to my academic performance You have access to programs that help students from other states provide accommodation, food and transportation.

Kevin and his brother and his mother.

Kevin and his brother and his mother.

The young man had access to the scholarship and was able to leave his family's home in Buenos Aires. To maintain the race, I joined the Glovo platform about a month and a half ago., Whose name is Spanish company Kadabra S.A. Please use it to maintain your business in your country.

"My old man talked about it because he was always afraid of instability and he always told us. I wanted to proceed with the cost of studying architecture.. I had a deep relationship with Globo because I needed money. " Clarin Denis Sanhueza (24), Kevin's younger brother.

This Saturday, about 00.30, Kevin ordered 42nd to 43rd at 16th Street. I had to take a kilogram of ice cream to the building. He was intercepted by at least two people who wanted to dump him. They armed and defended themselves. Because of the way the application works, many delivery personnel have to pay for the payment before ordering. This is why they remain in the perpetrator's place by their peers. Also, providing them with a bike or mobile phone means that they can not work for long periods without paying any kind of insurance.

During the assault, thieves shot Kevin and fled. He was shot, wounded in the stomach, injured the intestine and captain. The customer who helped him until the ambulance arrived was the customer waiting for the ice cream. Young student He started recording audio to a group of people. Glovo.

AppClient also warned Kevin about what happened. "crazy, I am here with your partner., Who came by bicycle from Glovo. You have just been shot. I am on 16th and 42nd Street. "He desperately warned.

When the police arrived, Kevin was conscious and was talking, explaining what happened. So they could talk to one of her best friends who told her parents.

"At about 3 o'clock in the morning we left the plane at 6 o'clock, she was with her for the first time and my father traveled on Sunday to travel at 10 o'clock in the morning. . He is awake and speaks, but can not digest food.. They need to do surgery again and they have to know how to eat them, "Dennis explained his brother's health condition.

Saturday 's theft triggered protests from applicants who rallied at the intersection on the 12th and the 53rd to condemn the wave of violence against the delivery man. According to a security source, there was a meeting with "glovers," who filed complaints about a recently registered case.

In the student group Franja Morada Arquitectura's Facebook they published: "Kevin is a great companion, Friends of everything and everythingHe took a few friends with his biker every day, riding a bike for a few minutes, and putting his bike behind the table, he said he would not use the Glovo box in the wave of robbery a few weeks ago. Today he is being treated. Intensively at San Martí Hospitaln ". And they added: "We were friends and colleagues from the facu, the college shelter and Glovo, and we walked with you wherever we could and empowered you." They spent more than 24 hours More than 50 people in this hall already demanded vo.s ".

"Faced with the lack of jobs for young people, these companies take full advantage of the need to raise incomes in difficult economic times", Reported at the Student Center.

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