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How to strengthen train noise for communication
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The main discovery of a new study that reported in the "Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR) failure" indicates that brain neurofeedback training results in neuronal enhancement in less than one hour. connections and communication among brain regions. The author of the study led to the study opening the door, for example the development and optimization of therapeutic habits against strokes and Parkinson's.

The Ph.D. responsible for the study and biomedical scientist of IDOR, Theo Marins said they have the feeling of having a great potential to adapt, but they were not sure they could keep these changes as soon as possible. The neurological crash treatment key is when they understand how they can influence their hearing processing and operation.

There has been a strong conception that neurofeedback is a promising way to regulate regular dysfunctional resin flow associated with similarities to depression and chronic pain. With this technique, the equipment of magnetic resonance helps people access their brain activity in real time and efficiently control it.

In the study, there was a participation of sixty-one healthy things there was no purpose to increase the hand activity region & # 39; s involved in & # 39; s hand movement. Instead of their hand, they asked the participants to only hold the action in a total rest.

Subjects that received the real horn training were nineteen, and they put the remaining seventh participants with plasbo neurofeedback, for comparison. Director for and after the training of the brain that lasted 30 minutes, they scan the neuronal networks of & # 39; e participants to investigate & # 39; s impact e neurofeedback, or placebo, on hand communication and processing, other than functional and structural connection.

The results of the study show that the critical cerebral bridge, which combines the right and airbox control, the corpus callosum – increases integrity. Also, the neural network that manages the body's movements was strengthened, and the entire system will become stronger.

As a result, there was a positive impact on the standard mode network training, a network-driven network, strips, and Parkinson's. The study did not check these changes in the control group.

President of IDOR and the leader of Fernanda Tovar Moll's study, concluded that they would see the neurofeedback as a powerful tool to change the & # 39; Currently, her goal is to develop new studies to determine if patients with neurological disorders can benefit from them as well.

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