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How is the high technology used by the Sina to fight

Beijing has long ago made the armor one of its great prejudices of the progress. China is in a process of modernizing its army, expressing its great world management in this area. In fact, the current president, Xi Jinping, changed the reform of lower forces into one of & # 39; a major purpose of his mandate.

To carry out the modernization process, The Asian country is used by high technology, a field where its specialists are beneficial. A study published this month by the US Department of Defense, entitled "The military power of China", painted that in some areas the country is "already a leader".

It is difficult to be fully aware of & # 39; e evolution that & # 39; s the country & # 39; made over the past few years The Chinese regime stands out for its disparity when it comes to publishing data and updates. However, recently Three new weapons were announced.

Special Naval Exercises in South China Sea. Photo: Getty Images

  1. A whole strength weapon

The Global Times newspaper published on January 3 that Chinese ships are coming soon They are used with a gun that uses electromagnetic energy to detect projectiles with an "inexorable destructive speed".

The Chinese media cause the country to lead this area, although Russia and the United States also work in the same direction. In this sense, the official Global Times ensures that the intellectual property of "Inventions is as Asian".

December, December various images of a ship that probably caused this type of built-in camera to be spread by social networks, although it was not possible to confirm his truth.

The United States has attempted to take these gears into ships for a time, but has not yet succeeded; He could only install them in terrestrial artifacts. Military analyst and former Chinese army officer Song Zhongping told the South China Morning Post that Beijing was not just catching up with Washington, but "could take control in 5 or 10 years."

It added that this circumstance may also be due to the fact that the United States needs more time to win budgets, while the political system China is investing more in special projects. "

  1. Hypersonic devices

In 2018, Sina announced that progress had been made on this field. In August, he performed his first test of a hypersensitive aircraft apparatus, both for commercial flights and for maybe the deepening of conventional anti-aircraft systems.

In the test, the equipment, drunk by space missiles, It reached 30 kilometers in height and a speed of up to 7344 km / h. The official media discovered some of their features, such as the fact that it has a special design in the form of a tip that it appears from & # 39; a shockwave that is a product when it reaches the ultra-fast quickly.

Chinese hypersonic bomb prototype. Photo: Infobae

Russia and the United States are also working on innovations of this type (Moscow has even visited it on a ground already) and Washington is strange to leave behind.

"The development of China's hypersensitive weapons increases us … we fall behind." US Admiral Harry Harris has led the US Pacific Command a year ago.

  1. A new air bomb

The Asian version of "The mother of all bombs" (in the US Lingo used in Afghanistan) It seems to be there too.

The Chinese arms novel Norinco presented a new kind of bombardment for the first time in a promotional video. In that, broadcast by means associated with the government, it will show how it is ruled out by a bomber and caused a large explosion, while more details of the sworn test are unknown.

According to the note moved by the Global Times about the new device, This would be the most "non-core" pump in the country. It would have a size between 5 and 6 meters long and among its functions is the power to fully earn from goals as well as confirmed buildings and other definitions.

In the field of bombs, it is not so clear that China is the lead. Washington and Moscow have developed very powerful artifacts.

The United States has developed a GBU-43 / B Massive Ordnance Air Blastes, a weapon with GPS system that weighs 9,800 kilograms, according to an article published by Eglin Air Force Base. The price is close to $ 16 million.

Russia says it has a bomb that is four times more powerful than this, but the information is still difficult to control because of the limited information available.

By Andrea Romanos in front of Air from Santa Fe

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