Tuesday , October 26 2021

Horror in Tolosa: The boy who was killed by his father was 16 times injured


Ciro Peñalba, the 10-year-old boy killed in Tolosa at least 16 times by his father. This was established by the outcome of the research on the body of victim Juan Cruz Chirino, who died for his own life trying to kill his wife.

The tension in the house on 116th Street, between 529 and 530, was expanded for almost nine hours. Chirino had the disadvantage that he was accused against him by believing that his partner Soledad Marcos had left him to return to his father, Ciro's father.

He came to the house by the morning. To his wife He succeeded in a stone's throw and she is at the same time at the San Martín Hospital, even if at risk. With the boy, however, he used a knife. The attack was so weak that Cyrus died at the hospital.

The neighbors and friends of the couple spoke to a relationship of conflict and violent fights. The repetitive motive, they set, It was the "syklike" envy of men, however, they never mentioned an end or the one they had yesterday.

The other cause Chirino has been confronted more than once with his wife The "difference" he made between Ciro and the other children he had in communion with her. According to the testimonials, the 10-year-old boy "misled" him because it was not his.

Cio's biological father tried to save him, but crashed into a way.
Cio's biological father tried to save him, but crashed into a way.

Previously, the biological father of Ciro wanted him to rush him while he ordered his phone Chirinos seduce the same night. In the way, however, he came to the car against a Volkswagen New Beetle and came in to interrupt without the tragedy.

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