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He succeeded his 20-year-old woman and killed him – 12/09/2018

A 20-year-old woman was killed in the city of El Palomar in Buenos Aires. For the family coat they stopped their friend, the # in addition to the body of a girl and, after the attack with blows, he would have tried to make suicide. The event took place on Saturday afternoon at the Morón match.

The victim was identified as Ailén Belén Alicia Decuzzi. Her grandmother Alicia Escobar was the first to warn the police about her disappearance.

As confirmed by police Clarin, Escobar has designated in 6 ° of Commissioning of Morón On 15 days when his grandson left his house, he went to Ramos Mejía and then two hours later he left his cellphone and He stopped answering the answer.

"He began to search for her because of his pet's request. No one was known for the victim between 3:00 and 8:30," sources of the substance to be added to this newspaper.

Following the statement of Escobar, the staff of the Operational Tactical Group started with Moron with the grandmother # 39; s grandmother started looking for Ramos Mejía. However, they did not find them in the area. It was then that the great Ailén published another information: she said her grandson with 600 men in Paraíso, two blocks of Acceso Oeste, in El Palomar.

The policemen came to the wine complex and, with the help of the owner of the departments, gave the keys, the house of Félix David Vela Balazar (23) went in.

In the department they found the body long for the life of Ailén. I was on a bed with stains to my face.

Then they found Vela Balazar (23). The man, from perilous nationality, was accused of the writer of # 39; a femicide. They had a few nuisance for their nakedness and was unconscious.

In the case of the crime, samples were taken for the expertise. The accusation has drawn blood and the toxicological results are expected. The autopsy on the body of female was performed this Sunday and Monday had plans to determine if the injuries on the face caused the cause of # 39; deaths, according to the study.

Disagreeing there are no previous reports and they hope they have to make a statement to Ailén families to find out if other great episodes are.

Until now declared a close friend to a young woman who was confirmed by her family. The father of the victim was also investigated that were not to be aware of & # 39; the relationship.

After it was found that the aggressor was out of danger, he was arrested "Deprived of a murder of a relationship of fewer no mediator of consistency". The cause is the responsibility of Marcela D & # 39; ascencao, of UFI N ° 11.

The researchers thought that the femicide Ailén had hit him until he had killed and even tried to do his best.

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