Sunday , August 1 2021

"He may have failed" Cornejo criticized the …

The city keeper of Mendoza and president of the National Committee of the UCR, Alfredo Cornejo, responded powerfully to the government: he felt the policy to control inflation & # 39; completely failed is.

"It is necessary to have a healthier economy so that people can develop their tasks and project their investments. This is a sun-off condition, but not enough to prevent the national government from checking inflation. "I don't keep my words in this sense," said the radical leader. He also warned that inflation checks "other instruments are required that the government did not want to implement and that it seems essential to do so".

"Managing pure monetary and fiscal policy failed failed," said the current head of radicalism in & # 39; a celebration of the animals of Las Heras. He has also thought that should be all monetary and fiscal instruments and it is necessary to pay more than paid, as we did in Mendoza "

In that sense, he felt it was necessary to "check prices through price agreements and not check or free, but price comparisons with price leaders".

The criticism of the Cuyo government comes in a time of growing discomfort to the interior of radicalism, which is expressed in a discussion between those who have a greater level of participation in & # 39; ask a government and those who give up the pro-government alliance.

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