Thursday , June 17 2021

Hantavirus: Chile wants to help make a vaccine

Today, it is confirmed that 29 cases are in Chubut and 5 in Buenos Aires.

After the outbreak of the virus in Epuyén, the center of biotechnology and biomedicine of the Universidad de Concepción, in Chile, the authorities of our country, by letter, formed a common effort to & # 39; perform a preclinical evaluation station and clinics of this fax information according to the standards of Argentina's. From the previously mentioned Chile student house, they have indicated: "Cooperation with Carlos Malbran Institute could be the arrival of this fax in very crowded city. "

"The fax has yielded many good results in both Mäus and hamsters. It is made in an organic production office, subject to good production practices," said Oliberto Sánchez Ramos, PhD in Biological Sciences and professor at one university. However, he said: "The development of this fax will not resolve the current situation in Chubut's province. Getting a sanitary record for their use can be a time that is super a year.

This is when it is confirmed that there are 29 confirmed cases in Chubut. And also, when it was yesterday's learned of a fifth case in a province of Buenos Aires. It is a man of 40 years of La Plata who is in a serious state.


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