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Glove dealers in severe conditions after shooting on two motorcycles


The victim is an advanced student in architecture. He is 27 years old and is waiting to deliver 1 kg of ice cream while avoiding theft

"I could not deliver the order either, 1 kilogram of ice cream; it changed my second life." Yesterday at the Glovo app I shot yesterday with two motorbikes that got on him in La Loma and steal nothing, María, a 25-year-old girl who helped with a dispatch bottle. . "He resisted," said the girl. The injured was hospitalized in a serious condition at the San Martín Hospital. Though researchers do not rule out links to other similar episodes, none of the attackers are known at this time.

This attack inflated a long list of globo employees that appeared in protest against a series of crimes that followed more than 100 Glovo employees and other similar applications, Orders Ya, which cut December and 53 dues. Not long ago (sold separately).

The man who died at the age of 27 just before his death occurred in the first minute yesterday in front of 16 buildings between the ages of 42 and 43. Kevin Alex Sanhueza, a fifth-year student in architecture, arrived. His bicycle and distinct yellow backpack deliver a kilogram of ice cream.

While waiting for him, two men appeared on the motorcycle and gunned him over the money. "He did not want them and shot him," said Block's neighbor Mary. Without stating the theft and without any witnesses without witnesses, the criminals were stolen and were shot in the chest while lying on the roadside at Sanhueza.

"It was 0.10, and I was in the apartment when I heard the crying, and I went out and saw the boy lying on the sidewalk and being hurt in the chest." Mary recalled that she could hurt her by blood to avoid bloodshed. , Other neighbors have been added to the scene.

Kevin contacts his colleague on his cell phone and tells him what happened and asks for help. He could just say, "He was shot." A few minutes later, several instant messengers arrived from the application.

Sanhueza is from Neuquén and lives in University hostel. His mother, Alejandra Varela, traveled to La Plata as soon as he heard the terrible news. "My son works for a lifetime." He emphasized, "Before we ask that we feel guilty because there is no justice and not to let them go." There are too much harassment on the streets and they do not do anything. "

Mary remembered that Kevin was "clear." "When I fell asleep, my legs became numb, so when it took about 30 minutes for the ambulance to arrive, we moved them and talked to wake him up."

According to the girl, the police arrived quickly. "I broke my shirt to see if there was a wound on my shirt, but it fit my chest," the police explained. He also hurt his nose in the fall. "

An official source was convinced that this newspaper would have used Caliber 22 for criminals.

Kevin had surgery at the polyclinic because the projectile "had entered him through the thorax and damaged his abdomen and his condition was severe.

This case is investigated by the DDI and the 4th police station under the direction of UFI 9 of the neglected author. The first step taken was to travel the area to find a witness and a security camera that registered the passage of a thief.

"My son is doing a living thing, so feel guilty because we do not have justice and do not let them leave."

Mother of Alejandra Barrera victim

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