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"Game of Thrones": nets are full of moms in the finish – 04/14/2019

In full expectation for the direct version of the new – and last season's Game of Thrones, many fans turn to the networks to climb all kinds of Moms about the big fiction that will be seen by HBO this Sunday 14 of 22 (Argentina time).

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook were inspired by random characters, gifs, or videos by characters of GOT, probably how & # 39; it continues the story, or only, everyone makes that humor You should not experience the fans of the & # 39; series in & # 39; a premier of the new chapter, that lasts 80 minutes. Of course, there was no supply of memes that were based on some scenes The Simpsons, a classic in these types of occasions.

Look, too

In his new delivery, GOT will turn Jon Jon Snow and Daenerys Targary. With each other, they all agree to end the king of any night, a very dangerous superstition.

These are some of them the best mothers published in the earlier of the eighth and last season of Game of Thrones:

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