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Francisco de Narváez expands its investments in Uruguay: it grows to 9,000 employees – 09/12/2018

Francisco de Narváez trying to grow in investments … but in Uruguay. For now, last week bought the e-commerce business Woow The Ta Ta Ta group has added more than 7,000 workers in the neighborhood, Ta Ta, Multiahorro Hogar, BAS and Plus textile supermorsts.

"We bought a WoOW company that uses 150 people, of which three founders are fantastic entrepreneurs," said Narváez in the morning # 39; the Uruguayan embassy in Buenos Aires to the newspaper El País in Montevideo.

The CEO of Ta-Ta in Uruguay, Christopher Jones, told El País that the negotiation with WoOw had been "different months" and that the business point should go both markets further "completely independent". In fact, the founder of WoOW, Leonardo Silveira, will continue in his role as CEO.

During the breakfast at the Uruguayan embassy in Buenos Aires and there, the Uruguayan Minister of Economy and Finance, Danilo Astori, spoke; Narváez believes his group will invest $ 150 million in $ 3 in Uruguay to invest $ 150 million to generate 2,000 jobs.

The expert who was born in Colombia and nationalized Argentina, has continued to "keep up the hat" with the aim to get new loans that can make more work. "We are profited with credits from the Banco República But I think that more can be achieved with more investment than correlating more work generation, "he told the Uruguayan press. With the acquisition of Woow, they strive to" revolve around Omni-Commerce in Uruguay ", both Companies say in a statement The acquisition would have been US $ 18 million, a figure that was not officially offset.

As a whole, it is the new tendency to contain all the channels that the system offers, which merges traditional commercial and e-commerce. And there is an intensive use of the most distinctive platforms, from facebook as twitter to buy.

With focus on electronic trading, WoOW is fighting to sell travel, products and experiences. The company was established in 2010, has over 280,000 customers, over US $ 24 million in gross sales and 400,000 year-long transactions, said the joint statement.

In Argentina, Narváez was a shareholder and director of Casa Tía sold to the Exxel Group. When he disappeared his career as CEO he took refuge in politics where he was deputy between 2005 and 2015. With Mauricio Macri made the Believe and Grow equipped with equipment to work on infrastructure, education, health, economy, justice and security. The technical academics they recruited came from almost the entire ideological arch. And many popular choices in the state today.

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