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Four reasons why the features should go in & # 39;

The realized brand is a period of great size basic forms that support a large price, although the extent that this dynamic has in the coming months is not yet defined. One of these foundationsand, most importantly, is the question hit this is proven in the proof of the number of fonts. In this sense, the return of the number of companies that & # 39; is not supported mortgage reduces the brand trend.

It has to be numbered between January and November Real Estate Transactions in Buenos Aires reduced by 8.4% in comparison to eleven months of 2017, according to the Porteño Notary Public School. Mar your contract It was embarrassing in the last few months. In November 2018, the reduction became 46% in comparison with November 2017.

Another is that The values ​​convicted in pesos, above inflation, the income of potential buyers and the sectoral costs even if it is clear that the High rate turnout remained, even with a dollar ending end 9% from $ 41.85 to end, to end of September $ 38 January 2018

May in bigger dollar with 102% in & # 39; run in 2018 and a & # 39; quotations, which become foreign currency, the "Investing Real Estate Property "120% load year, as the The general index came to 48 percent.

Both in the month and yearly survey, the weight was increased by & # 39; e by the Materials (1.4% in December and 69.8% in 2018), followed by General Issues (0.6% and 45.1%, respectively).

The item that is in both cases was below the general level was PvdA, in & # 39; tame in wage evolution under inflation: It changes into December and all year round 33.5 percent.

A third fourth foundation is the reduction Operations supported by mortgage. The credit was the engine of & # 39; s extension a realist market in 2016 and 2017, but the inflation escalation and a dollar This year, they earned their value in & rt; t year she returned Depression of evolution of housing credit.

According to the association of Notary Public, the deeds with credit In the city of Buenos Aires they added between January and November 12,718 Acts, May low one 10% in comparison with 2017.

A fourth factor, very positive, is the expected Development of the brand-new units offer. An overview Professional Council of Architecture and Urbanism (CPAU) porteño published by Real Estate Report It discovered an important increase in licensing for new jobs, partly motivated by the prevention of submitting & # 39; e New Location and the new system of constitutions for the city of Buenos Aires.

The CPAU discovered In 2018, an increase of 21.2% is in the presentation of plans for new works, these were & # 39; t been to any side 5,000 projects, the highest figure in decades. This elevation was verified in all categories of works: girls, waist and large surfaces. Even in encomiendas of more than 5,000 square meters, 152 projects were registered, almost twice as many as in 2017 (84) and 2016 (82).

Sebastián Sosa, president of RE / MAX Argentina and Uruguaand, he explained, "the brand is expectation to something happening in 2019 with prices. There is a gap between the expectation of & # 39; s buyer and that of & # 39; a seller. From & # 39; t devaluation, that traffic is waiting for his possession to reflect in a most suitable price for the situation, and you want to buy it a competitive price"

"This allowed the second part of the year to generate a opening in negotiations and that the parties are more flexible in the time of completing & # 39; operation. While it is the prices do not fall 35% as the buyer expects, they conclude a a margin between 10% and 15%"said Sebastián Sosa.

José Rozados, director of Real Estate Report Infobae that another indicator that can be used as a "predictor" of your brand, that of Deliver profitability. "The profitability in dollar, product of devaluation and even with pitching pesos, It's the lowest in & # 39; history: 2.8% in & # 39; t year, because of 3.5% of one year ago. "This variant can be for two reasons: both the measures are cheap or the features expensive and become the beliefs of family budgets according to the loss of pay purchase, most likely the second thing: that the Brand values ​​have not yet been adjusted to the current economic scenario.

"If it has to sell, it must be very flexible and being present at the contract offer that will be made, "Rozados said.

According to a research by Mercado Store Properties, in 2018 the Increasing sales dollar dollar goes down 5%, from 11% in 2017. However, in this case, it must be clarified that these are the values ​​sought by the sellers (of publication), that can be lower in the time of executing the transaction and negotiating with the buyer. And even lower in the time of writing, so there's no control over the real value of & # 39; an agreement between parties reflects.

The architect Grazed adjusted that the advisor in 2018 carried out "a single survey November, compared to the previous year, those weather reflects that average public prices They were 1.4% average, and the most pronounced fall, according to the neighborhood and the typology of one unit, not more than 5%.

However, Rozados estimates that "the Last year has a price in & # 39; s dollar dollars ranging from 7 to 20 percent International, dependent on location. I didn't deliver that the contributions to these levels can be set replacement costs: For a devaluation that has increased the size, the Construction costs are 30% in dollars. "

"The land is not, the price in dollars remains fixed. unit sales value constructed it can be 15 or 20% US dollar & # 39; adds the Real Estate Report director.

An analysis of the realized brand of & # 39; s economy Juan José Cruces, director of the Center for Research in Finance (CIF) from Torcuato Di Tella University (UTDT), found that despite the recess in & # 39; the Argentine economy the prices of & # 39;

With the parameter of the city of Buenos Aires, the average prices do not fall at the local level despite the The devaluation of the weight Argentina has over 50% last year. Yes, they had in Brazil, not the prices of the major cities in the neighboring country, Rio de Janeiro and San Pablo.

In 2018, Brazil gained 14.3% against the US dollar.

According to the Real Estate Survey of Latin America (RIAL) that expands the CIF, between March 2017 and September 2018, the Properties in Buenos Aires have 16.8% in hard currency, from 2.659 to $ 3,105 the square meter, while in the neighboring country.

Went in housing Rio de Janeiro deliver 29.2% In the same period, from 4.079 to 2.886 dollars, pressured by poor economic activity and the devaluation of the real. In San Pablo subtracted 22.1%, from $ 2,637 to $ 2,052.

Buenos Aires March 2017 exhibited prices as well as from San Pablo and 34.8% cheaper than in Rio De Janeiro, went on September 2018 to become more expensive that is, both cities of the neighboring country.

For Juan José Cruces, the difference is in & # 39; a realist market in the fact that In Brazil, the prices are fixed in reals and they fell in dollars, while in Argentina The bidders' "orders" price was in a US currency. "This explains it Great recreation on earth "localhe warned.

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