Sunday , December 5 2021

Fortnite could get legal problems due to dance movements


Fortnite It is one of the most popular video games on the # 39; Planet and their dances are one of the favorite elements of their users, but the company Epic Games can understand legal problems by "stealing" choreography.

The rapper 2 Milly he accused Fortnite to take her dance moves "Milly Rock"in the video game or"Swipe it"- without his authorization and consider the establishment of a demand for learning that users have to" dance "when they want their character.

"Everybody said," Hey, your dance is in the game. "They really sell the particular movement, then you have to buy it, that's when I really thought … that can not last long," he said.

He adds: "I do not want to have any of the millions they have won, you know what I say, it's not that easy, I feel like I'm protecting what's mine."

On the other hand, Chance The Rapper He highlighted a few months ago in his official Twitter account that Fortnite created the creators of tanks in the & # 39; The video is used and the so-called money will earn the money they earned for a movement between the artists who invented it.

"Fortnight must put the real rapists behind the dances as if they were money or money, but they did not buy them, but they never bought them. that people are willing to share these emotions with the artists they make, "public.

For his part, Epic Games, which makes more than one billion dollar with Fortnite, thanks to its 140 million users, has not commented, but the "Swipe It" movement is no longer available.

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