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Ford Argentina: The change represented by the Mondeo hybrid, juniors plan and the future without reaching the Fiesta and the focus

LElectricized cars – time hybrids and 100% electric – start slowly in our brand. For years with a very limited presence and limited only a few brands, there are several companies that pay for this type of stock, that, perhaps at a global level, will be the future of an industry. .

This Monday, Ford was his first step: with the advent of "Mondeo Vignale Hybrid," from & # 39; a Spanish plant in Valencia, the oval brand came the kickoff of its electrification strategy also in our region and in particular in Argentina, laws on a segment where the North American company is comfortable against a few rivals and with the great Advantage of lower paid rates (0% in case of imported Mexico versions and only 5% in the case of the hybrid).

santiago labella

But this transformation from Ford does not only exist in the propulsion system or technology, but also in its product division, and in that sense, the regional closure of two brand settings such as the Fiesta and the Focus is further discussed.

Another new feature that has the attention of media and the general public interest is the announcement of the June Plan Plan Plan, promoted by the government and ADEFA, to promote the sale of new roads by key bonuses, after months of negative digits in terms of pattering.

On all matters we spoke to Santiago Labella, Ford Argentina's communications manager, who gave us his perspective and that of the brand for all of these changes:

What is the advent of a Mondeo Vignale Hybrid for Ford?

This means that what is really important is the arrival of Ford's first electric car in Argentina and is part of Ford's global strategy to make its product portfolio electric. For us, it is an important mealstone, because it marks the beginning of a new time for Ford.

What expectations do you expect for this version?

The volumes will be that the market demands and Ford is always ready to ask for this question. We complement the Mondeo offer with this hybrid, which & # 39; t add to & # 39; other two versions that we were already marketing. This version of Vignale is above both, but has the plus of hybrid engine and more equipment, so we believe it is very competitive. The Mondeo hybrid point to another kind of customer, other than the one you choose today as conventional Mondeo, although we also believe some customers choose the model for this option. At the times of & # 39; You see, in the segment where we are already leaders, we know that the Mondeo Hybrid is selling, but we do not know exactly what percentage it represents. We are aware that we are not duplicating the sales of a model because it has brought the hybrid – I hope – we do not want it, but we believe it to sell well.

What are the estimated offers of a Mondeo Vignale Hybrid?

It is a very important fact, but you will even visit if you try. The use of a bicycle depends on several factors, and a hybrid depends more and more on factors. It's not a coincidence that no consumed figures have been published, it's because we want to talk to you – media – to tell us about your experience on board the Mondeo, like our clients.

sec mondeo

Is it plan to integrate more hybrid models?

We have no announcement to make about the upcoming Ford hybrid car in Argentina, but the message we want to refer to is very important that it is the first brand in the country. It is the beginning of a new era in our portfolio, it is concrete of what Ford has announced last year to invest U $ S 11,000 million in the beginning of 40 new electrically powered models, 16 of them are electric and the rest are hybrids . What I want to say is that there will be a very large offer, and these products will come in Argentina at the moment that the brand can get better and we tell them if we do this connection between product offer and availability. Today is the Mondeo Hybrid's tower and we are very happy in Ford Argentina to have it in our market.

If it is the first hybrid of the market in the country, it is also the first Vignale version. Is it plan to integrate more Vignale versions into & # 39; reachable?

For this this is the only one, but we analyze the product portfolio continuously and show our brand studies that the Argentine consumer really looks like the European design and Vignale in a world market that makes Ford in Europe, with which we & # 39; analyze and see with great eyes his possible livelihood, so that it may be that at some point another Vignale product comes in Argentina.

We know the Focus and Fiesta will stop at & # 39; the short term. Are you planning to capture both segments with other products or do they want to be empty?

That place will remain for the moment we do not have a direct replacement, but we will see the portfolio in the world just as we will arrange three totally new pickups in & # 39; not in us local portfolios (N. de la R. F-150, F-150 Raptor and Ranger Raptor), we analyze various options to see how & # 39; we complement us and how & # 39; we meet the needs of our clients Argentina, so that we just bring in confirmations or new products, we will know it, but at the moment we have no further information.

Pick Ups F150 and F150 Raptor in Argentina

Moving to the Market What balances you can make this first month and what perspectives do you have for the rest of a year?

We are in a year in which we have the sharp drop by 2018, which had very good first months as sales, we see a continuity in & # 39; an uncommon currency, with an empty distribution in comparison to what the second half was in the year. Past years, so these months of the & # 39; s industry are not surprising us when we & # 39; The second semester of last year happened. There is a small stability, there are months that sell a little more than your linear project, and there are some months there to see some signs of improvement in some segments. For the next six months of the year, we see that this is stabilizing and we are projecting an industry that can end in 450,000 to 500,000 institutions, in line with what other terms in the country are seeing.

What are your expectations about the Jun0km plan?

The June 0km plan seems to have begun, very well, due to the research of our trading network. We have a much higher level of consultations than the last month, and some some of the operations allow us to see that June was much better than it was the month of May.


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