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First male victim of hantavirus in Buenos Aires: a woman died in La Plata and 14 have died already

Tahis Pérez, a young woman of 34 years, He died in a private clinic The Silver to & # 39; they were hospitalized for contract hantavirus. It's about the first fatal victim registered in a province of Buenos Aires and the fourteenth in the whole country in & # 39; for the last 47 days, Most of them (11) are the result of the epidemic control that started on December 3 in Chubut.

Pérez is named after the sanatorium of & # 39; city Castelli, where & # 39; he contracted the virus. He gave the last Monday in the Ipensa clinic; Two days later she was appointed to the intensive care unit. Resources from the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health informed Infobae what "It is a case of a person's mouse, other than what happens in Epuyen". They believe the relationship could have been in & # 39; a room there he lived.

The news is the city of Castelli. Woman worked in the agribusiness sector and was the daughter of a renowned doctor and councilor of government (PJ-Frente para la Victoria).

The mayor of the municipality, Francisco EcharrenHe sent a message to social networks where he is concerned about the loss and the citizen asked for prevention: "As a mayor, I have a duty to report, with great pain, that a death of hantavirus in Castelli was confirmed. we will do everything to prevent more cases, "he said.

And he closed: "We need you to help us, The grasses of your houses, grounds, view the prevention measures and talk to the owners to keep their lot clean. And before all symptoms disappear to go to our hospital. It is important that we are together. "

The viral disease causes the death of 14 people throughout the country: 11 in Chubut, one in Salta and another in Entre Ríos.

The last victim was Susana Briones, a wife of 49 years old all of Trevelin, that this Saturday died in the hospital Zonal Equel. This was confirmed by the Chubut Social Ministry, which reported that since the beginning of its epidemic control (December 3), it had been in that province 29 confirmed cases (27 in Esquel, one in Bariloche and another in Chile), 11 of whom died, 9 were processed, while the remaining three remain in the same hospital, two of them in intensive care.

The Ministry of Health of the Nation message that, besides happening in Chubut, are in Argentina there Four Risk Areas: North (Salta, Jujuy), Center (Buenos Aires, Santa Fe and Entre Ríos), Northeast (Misiones) and Sur (Neuquén, Río Negro).

In recent days, five confirmed cases have been registered in Buenos Aires, San Pedro, Zarate, Navarro, Lomas de Zamora and Berisso.

The Ministry of Public Affairs of Buenos Aires consisted of the stress "are common cases" for this time of the year and that "in five confirmed cases came the integration by contacting riddles as normal in one province, it is not as if the situation you registered in Epuyén is from person to person ", so they tell about Tahis Pérez.

According to official statistics, In 2018, 25 cases were registered in a province of Buenos Aires (4 fatal victims), while in 2017, 44 were cases.

The Health Portfolio holder of Buenos Aires, Andrés Scarsi, asked the health region & # 39; s for clinical delay prior to the presentation of febrile cases & # 39; Expected and Preventing Pollution, Offering the Provincial Health Portfolio "Do not contact the mouse seeks (especially the so-called "colilargo"), In 30 minutes, the places that are locked do not (houses, damage, offices and other spaces), Make the floor with water and stay before it is birds and prevent and dilute winches in doors, walls or pipes"

"The symptoms that motivate the medical consultation should be fever, respiratory distress and headache, abdominal, joint and muscle", they remembered.

The hantavirus is a severe acaric viral disease caused by the hanta virus which is in contact with humans through contact with muscle, feces and urine of safe wild mice (especially long-lived) that may be worn once. hanta virus and the one causing it outbreak is the Southern Andes tribe.

Infographics: Marcelo Regalado

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