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First Data launches services in Argentina to revolutionize the way to refinance in stores


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Clover will arrive in early 2019, if the accepting company regulates credit cards for all players will be open

The payment methodology company in Argentina will begin in January to change an inexhaustible way, when the debut in the country, the first in Latin America, the platform for transactions launched by First Data on Tuesday.

For the presentation of new equipment and systems that are in & # 39; The Clover brand was included in the presence of iProUP, the president and global director of the company, Frank Bisignano, in Buenos Aires, made a billionth investment for this initiative.

Bisignano was received by Casa Rosada by the President Mauricio Macri and then became President of the Faena Arts Center Clover presentation, a system he completed his promise gave him a year and a half years when he first visited .

"We believe that Clover is the best platform in the sector for the Argentine market, we have a strong expectation in Argentina, so we will go on the country without any economic recovery," said the businessman, It's the amount of investment, though he said it's for millions of dollars.

The product reaches the beginning of 2019, the year in which the adoption of business regulating credit card for all players will be open. Then, the obligation for all POS will accept all cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express).

According to Bisignano, Argentina is the first country in Latin America where First Data produces this new product and the fifth in the world, the United States, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom.

The general director of First Data in Argentina, Patricia Guarnes, declared in the presentation that the Clover teams, the new business of the # 39; and local subsidiary in the market.

The implementation has indicated that they have the segment of those that do not have their own system, by the company producing around 200,000 stores. The goal is to reach 50,000 units in the first year.

The system costs exactly to compare with the one currently on Postnet, between 200 and 400 psos plus VAT, makes, but with larger features and advanced technology for all kinds of traders.

The new provision will enable business executives to maximize operational efficiency, to benefit from data acquisition and to share better with clients; all with the safety and fraud control of First Data, underline in the presentation the founder of Clover, John Beatty.

The system costs very similar to the one currently published in a Postnet, between 200 and 400 psi plus VAT, but with larger features and advanced technology for all types of traders.

With the support of this platform, those who have the product can really control over their work through an online back-end portal, a trading post that can be accessed at any time at any time is in smartphone, tablet or computer.

From this panel, the administrator can check the status of the transaction, view the receipt in an online file and remove the configuration changes.

The first two Clover First Data devices in Argentina are the Clover Mini and Clover Flex terminals.

Clover Mini features

* Previous camera that reads bar codes and QR codes.

* Wi-Fi, 3G of Ethernet connection.

* 7 "color screen and code reader

* Message screen PIN input for tickets for tickets.

* Compatibility for chip cards (EMC / chip), contact person or slide.

Clover Flex

The design makes the ideal for restaurants, desktops and services that you want to use the clients of experience. It is compact as a handheld device and facilitates the acceptance of online operations, at the table, in a workshop or at the consumer's home.

The features are:

* Scan reader: barcode and camera scanner.

* Long-life lithium-ion battery that supports you can work up to eight hours on one amount.

* Electronic signature capture on screen that you can send via e-mail, text and digital.

* 5 "touchscreen for clear and clear images.

Both add two programs: payment system (includes management of employees, customers and reports), and sales of sales (printer names, inventory and fiscal printers). In addition, they have already been integrated with the taxpay taxpayers of the Hasar company.

Clover's business management features also helps build, track inventory, manage personal, improve client and manage administrative tasks.

In addition, platform access provides a market of third-party applications to connect users with solutions that simplify daily tasks and support functions that are critical to the owners of installations.

The company has indicated that these applications can synchronize with its accounting program, manage the employee and increase customer loyalty, including features.

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