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First case of death of grab A in Cordoba


A 56-year-old man, from Deán Funes town (118 kilometers north of this capital) died in the weekend. A picture and the first case of death by adults because of this disease in the province, as confirmed by La Voz health authorities of Cordoba.

Alfredo Fabro, a recognized insurance worker in the entire country's territory, was first admitted to a clinic in Deán Funes, then to the Romagosa hospital in that city and eventually transferred to the Caraffa clinic , in & # 39; the city of Córdoba, where it died.

"The man was not vaccinated and had the criteria to do so," told the Prevention Prevention and Health Promotion of Province, Analía Cudolá, to & # 39; a newspaper: "We know that it is A, we need to identify if it is H3N2 or H1N1."

The official said that so far, in this season, 88 cases of seizure have been discovered in a province and stated that the identification of genotypes has been made for epidemiological purposes, but that the symptoms and treatment are at all the same.

In & # 39; the last contingency site situation room, which occurs every Wednesday, they have indicated that, from those 88 cases, 21 were below 5, of which 10 did not receive the flu vaccination despite the integration of & # 39; e risk groups

Cudolá highlights the importance of vaccination: & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; They are still on time. ”

The official report also notes that up to now 386,584 doses of influenza have been placed. Regarding detail by groups, it was stated in boys and girls aged 6 to 24 months 67.8 percent in the first dose and 46.1 in & # 39; a second one is reached; In pregnant women, coverage is 47.3 percent; in health equipment, one hundred percent, and in people over 65 years of age, the doses have been used 97,596 so far.


All about the prediction of the situation due to the coldness of & # 39; In the coming days, Cudolá said: "The climatic factor has an impact and certainly other cases will appear, but there are not so many cases when we consider that they're 88 in the whole province , including children and adults. ”

“This year, the epidemic started earlier and we had more cases ahead; That's the comparison that we can make with last year, "the official said. Regarding the children, Cudolá explained that the general score is made at the end of the season to judge the main thing.

Cough from Convulsa

The situation room also updated the information regarding coqueluche, a disease better known as a vigorous cough. In the last two weeks, 40 cases were added (144 to date this year). Of that total, 101 corresponded to dolls under 6 months.

As for that, the importance of pregnant women (of week 20) ​​was to receive the threefold acellular bacterial vaccine, in order to protect dolls from birth.

Winter recommendations

Hannen. Wash your hands often with soap and water.

Contagion Cover your mouth or nose as you cough or cut.

back home Ventilate the surroundings and allow the entrance to sun.

Cleaning Keep clean and common objects clean.

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