Saturday , June 19 2021

Estudiantes beat Colo Colo and moved to Chile

Students traveled to Chile to measure yourself Colo Colo in it "Night Alba" where the trans-Andean team presents its reinforcements and the team that includes the current preeseason.

Both countries traveled abroad Buenos Airess, because the Chile team has the preeseason and this afternoon they live another day with a match closing a new party.

The match began independently and on both sides, but Pincha had the first clear situation, at 9 minutes, with a center of justice Manuel Castro, for the arrival of Lucas Albertengo, that & # 39; t saw the goalkeeper out and got his header, but the ball managed the post.

The part of the Silesian replied only ten minutes later, with a center of left and a shot off Carmona, it was left over in Schunke and was kept there by the Lion.

Estudiantes owned more of a ball in the first part, but it cost him to generate risk situations and his presence in & # 39; an attack did not endanger Colo Colo, further the Albertengo's clear situation and a sale of Gastón Fernández.

Complementary Gastón Fernández Made an individual situation with a shot of outside, but the ball was rejected from the goal by being shot by Bryan Cortés. The visit again had the ball and checked the times of a game, without a game.

At 15 minutes the Chino Benitez He put his hand in a team and made four changes with the revenue Sappa, Pellegrini, Lugüercio and Pavone, in replacement of Andujar, Fernández, López and Albertengo. So he got fresh and speed.

After 28 minutes, the Pincha found the field and the ball at his disposal. He took advantage of the speed of Matías Pellegrini, it has offered the counter, and the contribution of Lugüercio and Pavone, to join and to a center in the middle, Enzo Kalinski appeared to take a powerful shot and the 1 a 0

Advantageously, the coach took Albirrojo advantageously and sent all players from & # 39; bank to court. So they are entered Evangelista, Díaz, Sivetti and Estévez in replacement of Erquiaga, Bazzana, Kalinski and Castro.

But before the end and with the game under control, the Lions left the difference with a good count of Matías Pellegrini, after an assistant to Franco Sivetti, and to "# ~" he dropped the rivals and the goalkeeper at & # 39; , close the 2 to 0 for students and the game.



COLO COLO (0): Bryan Cortés; Juan Manuel Insaurralde, Damián Pérez, Oscar Opazo and Matías Zaldivia; José Aguilera, Esteban Paves, Carlos Carmona and Jorge Valdivia; Marcos Bolados and Esteban Paredes. DT: Mario Salas.

STUDENTS (2): Mariano Andujar; Facundo Sánchez, Jonathan Schunke, Nicolás Bazzana, Iván Erquiaga; Iván Gómez, Enzo Kalinski; Manuel Castro, Gastón Fernández, Edwar López; and Lucas Albertengo. DT: Leandro Benitez.

GOALS: ST: 28 & # 39; Enzo Kalinski (EDLP) and 45 & # 39; Matías Pellegrini (EDLP).

WARMED: ST: 17 & # 39; Insaurralde (CC)

CHANGES: ST: Sappa x Anduja (EDLP), 15 & # 39; Pavone x Albertengo (EDLP), 15 & # 39; Lugüercio x López (EDLP) and 15 & # 39; Pellegrini x Fernández (EDLP), 16 & # 39; Costas x Carmona (CC) and 16 & # 39; Suazo x Bolados (CC); 30 Evangelista x Erquiaga (EDLP), 30 & # 39; Sivetti x Kalinski (EDLP), 30 & # 39; Diaz x Bazzana (EDLP), 30 & # 39; Estévez x Castro (EDLP); 31 & # 39; Vilchez x Pérez (CC) x 31 & # 39; Valdez x Valdivia (CC)

Stadium: Monumental

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