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Estos son los 13 juegos de Google Play que no descargar descargar porque era un virus


November 28, 2018 – 19:26
More than a few millions of Android users have been downloading Google Play apps. Aunque ya no están online, quienes instalaron les dieron a los hackers amplios permisos para extra extras dosos de los móviles.

Google Play, the official site of Android Android, has the ability to install viruses for the simulation of human simulation apps and have 13 video edits, more than 560,000 veces, there are currently online installations to install the dieron hackers are permitted for extra data from the mobile devices.

Quebec installs apps infecting debaraseurs de ci-dessus claves de securité de les servicios et les règles sociales présente dans le même.
Lukas Stefanko, an investigator of the Slovak slave company, contested in Twitter's apps, the apps, a bajadas and installers, have access to their device, because they are trying to get the user out of the desktop.

In fact, it has produced an error in the process that the virus has collapsed in secret to other devices with APK extensions, used by apps for cellphones and tablets with Android.
The names of the video infectors are:

  • Truck Cargo Simulator
  • Extreme Sports Car Driving
  • Extreme Car Driving Racing
  • Extreme Car Driving City
  • Firefighter Fight Truck Simulator
  • Moto Cross Extreme Racing
  • Luxury Cars SUV Traffic
  • City Traffic Moto Racing
  • Hyper Car Driving
  • Car Driving Simulator
  • SUV 4×4 Driving
  • Luxury Car Parking
  • SUV City Climb Parking.

Todavía no se esaba el destino que los ciberdelincuentes de las data obtenidos para esta 13 aplicaciones, por las cuales eran "trending", es decir, de las mostos descargadas del repositorio de Google.
The Google Scott Vocal voice is committed to the principle that "the violent apps of our politics and their Play Store retreats" have been added.

Following the Techcrunch event, the first in the first place was to eliminate the official website descargars for teams with the Android operating system more than 700,000 malware infections in malware.

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