Tuesday , November 30 2021

Escada and Mendoza: donating 120 thousand pesos for the holidays to the 2019 Winter Week


The final image of the fiendish fiend

MENDOZA.- If you have escaped, you will be the National Assembly of Vendamia … One of the reasons why you will be escorted by the official news from Mendoza. Pues, in preparation for the 2019 editions every year, at a time, so that it is the idea that the image of the celebration of the celebration of the world, which is the world in its midst, has been plagiarized.

The autonomy of the Cultural Secretariat has announced to the gendarmes of the System of Identity and Identity Identification System of the Vendemia, especially the analis that realizes a specialist juvenile. They show that most of them are a charming female celestial coworker as the agate, with a man running a racim, a montana in the shape of a corona and a large one that has the functions of the mendocinos. This is a priceless feature of the image. The responsibilities of the election are the percussion that has frustrated a copy of the idea of ​​a reconstructed artistic artist, John Ed De Vera, specializing in the technical work
paper cutting (papel diseases). Only you can watch your cambios on the rocks.

La verdadera imagen cuyo authorò es el filipino John Ed De Vera
La verdadera imagen cuyo authorò es el filipino John Ed De Vera Credit: John Ed De Vera

The Selection of Selection is the presentation of the Papercraft, correspondent to the members of Juan Pablo Encina, Federico Bordón and Pablo Morales, with almonds with a premium of 120 thousand pounds, including the diffusion of their art in the world. Sin embargo, ahora habrá que seperar la decisión que tome el local agencido, que intentará en las próximas horosas de explicaciones de nuova controversia.

En diálogo con
LA NACION, The most famous artistic artist was born in the evening and lived in the area. "There are many reasons why I can use these creations as references. The real thing is that this is a terrible experience, because it's a matter of doing so to the organizers of the event so that the accidents have come true", explains.

"There are so many that the image of the woman in the poster is sitting on a miss, with the técnica del
paper cutting. It's been a year before, but the visual identity of the poster and the art direction is similar to a marathon of posters of years ", aggravated by John Ed De Vera.

Vera pide que se tomen medidas contra los artistas premiados
Vera pide que se tomen medidas contra los artistas premiados

La polemica siempre ha rodeado a la Vendimia. If you have a look at the election of the reindeer, the benefits of the precedent, the fall of production, the demos in the promotions, the suspension of the event, the artists and the casualties, as well
a great example of a grueling that has since ended up in a milieu tragedy.

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