Tuesday , November 30 2021

End of a period: YPF will export LNG in 2019


The company YPF announced on Wednesday announced an agreement with the Belgian company Exmar to provide a bargain for the next 10 years, which will be delivered to Liquyf Natural Gas (LNG) in 2019, Argentina will be in a group of some trade countries of that product.

This was known today by the chairman of YPF, Miguel Gutiérrez; The director of Daniel González, and the Director of Vice President of Gas and Energy, Marcos Browne, together with the directors of the company Exmar led by CEO Nicolas Saverys, held a meeting at the headquarters of the Argentine company in Puerto Madero .

The project

It is an industrialization project that can lead business to up to 5% of today's production, allowing between 40 and 45 million cubic meters a day, until the progress has been realized in its mega-project for the construction of a landfill plant on the ground.

"With this project we can add value to Vaca Muerta's source, and make the most of business compliance with markets in the northern hemisphere," said Gutiérrez, approach to different markets such as Asia, Europe and regional markets.

It will be a test for the company that YPF "can lead to a great transformation project for the country that is the LNG export terminal behind that is the development of all fields in Vaca Muerta and its integral capacity," Gutiérrez said.

In the same sentence, Gonzalez says "thinking of an LNG terminal on a global scale, we have to think that they are no less than 20 million cubic meters a day (in a first modular stage) that is the only one that is possible for a Vaca gas development makes dead after his full potential. "

"Argentina could be duplicate its production, but necessary new sources of demand, and this is the best way to export natural gas in the form of croaking gas," says the CEO.


The monetaryization of extensive reserves of natural gas will be sublimations of more than 200 million euros in & nbsp; a year to generate 10% of total fuel and energy transport and is greater than exports of rice, honey and cats, of the company in a meeting with the press.

The barge will have an exclusive contract with YPF for the next 10 years to operate on natural gas in the area Bahía Blanca, in the same maritime zone there is the timetable boat per week.

And under the possibilities that was opened by its presence in the country, it was thought that next to the exporters the LNG was transferred to Escobar's LNG terminal and used to replace imports of the product, with a positive influence on the national accounts.

The bar, called "Tango FLNG" is called, has a capacity to light up 2.5 million cubic meters day and a bag of 500,000 ton LNG in & nbsp; t year, from 1 year to a million households.

Browne, meanwhile, explains that the operation consists of "planning eight metals tankers in the year, by the spot market that tends 40% of LNG's sold worldwide , with a very important complementarity with the question of '40 main importers'.

"As a result, we could put our natural gas on the international market, which has no market today that has given Argentine seizure," Browne stated.

According to the operational forecasts, the middle of February will launch the bar with adjustment activities and start-up exercises to launch the production between the May and the first days of Argentine winter. "

After the peak of winter coverage in the country, the agreement concludes that the baie will make production from September with complete refraction capacity.

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