Monday , June 14 2021

Eclipse of Luna and supermoon of blood, do not miss it!

Eclipse of month of blood
Make the Superluna look in "holes" and "bloody" at the same time. The whole stage is held for an hour.

De eclipse from Luna total it comes as well The earth means between the sun and the month that it creates a cone of shadow that our satellite is diminishing while in its full phase, until it is completely in a reddish tire. This can only happen when & # 39; t three heavenly bodies are set up, this is how & # 39; t the earth belongs to a part of the sun light that the mouth needs to reach and the echo.

The cone of & # 39; the damage of & # 39; the earth is divided into two parts by the larger white size of the sun: umbra where & # 39; t be a direct sight, and the penumbra where & # 39; t be the only parts in & # 39; sun & & 3939; an outside of the earth blocking its shadow.

This particular situation will Sunday January 20, and you can see the phenomenon from Argentina at 23.36 local time (starts the penumbra). With a duration of 5 hours and 12 minutes, if it is maximum of whole (red month or blood) at 2.12 monday of monday January 21 and finish at 4.48 local time. It will be seen from our country and also over the American continent, while in Europe, Asia and Africa you can at least see some of these eclipses.

Types and Steps of One Month Eclipse

Unlike sunblocks, mills can be seen from some of the planet as long as the night is, the show of nature loses on several hours that are determined by their "contacts", each there set a stage key to the phenomenon.

Steps from Luna's Light
Chart of contacts in a total eclipse of month. Image: The Thóumas – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0.

The first contact (P1) is the Beginning of a Pynum Eclipse (a very subtle dancer or sketch of brightness that comes in & mdash; on the mule), then the partial eclipse starts with the second contact (U1) here the month reaches the extreme limit of the earth's ombra (the obscuration is detected with the blue eye). De start from total eclipse comes in the so-called third contact (U2) here introduces the mouth disk within the earthly ombra, If it's in their center, it is maximum eclipse. It is known as fourth contact (U3) to the stage of the end of the whole, now back the way you & # 39; ve already traveled the month by continuing the fifth contact (U4) as the partial eclipse ends. The last and sixth contact (P2 or P4) is the final stage of penabral eclipse and the full month is completely gone from a shadow cake.

Due to the various injuries Eclipses are set: penumbral if the month only goes through the earth's gloom (U1, U2, U3 and U4 are not measured) partial (Part of & # 39; month only comes in & # 39; umra, (U2 and U3 won't show), and total (like the one on January 21, when the lunar disc introduces in a threshold zone).

Luna "of blood" and "Superluna"

I am known as the total moonclip Blood Moon To change the earth, the moon and the sun, our satellites It is a rough color painted by the solar stream projection leaving the atmosphere of the earth, some visible streets of shorter wells such as blue and green, but not red and orange. If our planet does not have an atmosphere, we will in & quot; total clock state & quot; a month no longer seeing that the red is celebrating, but it would be overshadowed and shone at the moment of its totality.

In addition, this eclipse is connected to a itsthe pearl because our natural satellite reaches the perigee (the closest to earth), at a distance of 357.344km on January 21 at 16.59 local time. How it is in short, the earthquake of the month The month disk will be seen somewhat bigger and higher than usual, call this: superluna.

What should I see?

To save these or other accusations by Luna We do not need a mask, or enough lenses or special filters, the procedure in those cases is simple because it is visible to the blood eye. You need to find a pleasant place, time to relax and convince of the fascinating astronomical phenomena that aren't directly on & # 39; sees a slider disk, while all steps are being developed. Much better than we are at a place where light pollution is not easy, so the progress of mouths is much more spectacular without artificial light sources that aren't with the brightness of & # 39; the moon and blood fight.

What is essential for optimal visualization is that the night sky is free of clouds, it is very important that meteorology is very clear to us in order to miss a moment of natural spectacle. For instance, We see a small tour in a large percentage of our country for Sunday night. Check how & # 39; the performance in your area will be for the & # 39; click here.

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