Tuesday , January 18 2022

During the scandal between Flor Vigna and Laurita Fernández, Gimena Accardi published a video kissing Nicolás Cabré.


In the middle of an argument between Flor Vigna and Lolita Fernandez Actress's controversial photos and Nicholas Cabre In bed as part of a scene of love My brother is a clone.. At that time, two hours Dancing He explained that at the jury's request, he intended to delete posts on social networks and eventually promote El Trece's novels.

However, Laurie and Cabré protested Flor's attitude after posting a picture a day after the scene was broadcast. "Promoting is to post something before it happens, if you personally request that photo in a timely manner After a day, nothing will be promoted.. If you work for a long time and stimulate Pepe to say "peeping", you are responsible. Life that makes a good face later"Fernandez wrote in his Twitter account.

"My contract also includes the promotion of the program, and I released only super-teen images such as Instagram's profile. The media department approached me", The actress defended herself.

In the midst of this controversy, Gimena Acadie, And stars My brother is a clone., I posted a video promoting the intense scene of kissing. Matthew, One of the characters Cabre interprets in fiction. "If you like someone else when you want to marry, today, 9:30 p.m."He talked about the video he posted on Instagram Stories.

What should be noted in this case is that Gimena released it before it was broadcast, despite the intense scene that the actors kissed. It is precisely that Laurita slandered Flor, who published the image after the scene was seen on television.

(Video: Instagram Gimena Accardi)

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