Sunday , June 13 2021

Diego Maradona is inexorable: why yes

We talk about the media Maradona: a Maradona that's unreliable since he is the protagonist of programs chimentos and not from & # 39; a sports program. A Maradona that makes people talk about him for 24 hours and is the one you talk about; Let their wives guide themselves all into disgusting matters on television.

To & nbsp; for the mediocre Diego the main behavior of "sharing and reigning ": only believe that God gives it to all those who are around Him less, gets for his throne, for his love, for his money or for his preferences. Thus, the honors always diverge. If he immediately loves Dalma and Gianinna, he has his extraordinary children; If he loves her, it's about to fight with his older daughters: it's not to be overdue.

To fight anyone, he says nothing, but If he tells you everything he does, the court is & # 39; is the one that & # 39; t ever exist with glory. He works as a media for the women who sees the chimera program and not for the football player who saw him as the best in any world.

Because his mental understanding at & # 39; the time of a story gives controversy everywhere and can say that Dalma does not wish her grandmother, as the daughter even thinks it was that she warned him of his death and his father did not himself in his marriage: Her hatred for Claudia Villafañe is replicated in her older daughters, not deserving it.

About her relationship with Verónica Ojeda fluctuated according to her love or love of love for Rocío Oliva. Maradona does not know yet, yet he can be alone. When he goes to Ojeda, the same goes with his little son, Dieguito Fernando, who is just now how & # 39; it seems, a father is present for a short time. Veronica, who always remained in love, saw the opportunity to return to Rocip's departure. Meanwhile, the "macho" holds over their wives over him.

With Oliva you never know whether it is love or eternal revenge: It started out in Buenos Aires in October and he appeared with a blonde at a stand in Los Dorados in Sinaloa, Mexico. After that they got a few relationships; Then came the divorce and there the area to Ojeda. Rocío is now "the worst thing that happened to her", so she was "the love of her life" until recently. Verification is impossible. She now discovers that she wants to be a footballer, she says she was fired for years to start with a man 30 years older than her.

The & # 39; t Maradona in & # 39; s media world is the same as the politicians that & # 39; d run the run. How many of his references, he likes or dislikes; is on your side or is against you. For the enemies is the exile; for friends everything to have him on his side. In short, it is the cause, effect and reflection of their own beliefs.

For Maradona, you don't Fidel Castro, the Kirchners of Maduro, is his life as undemocratic as that of his idiots: if not when he is with his "regime," let him be the revenge of his fourth-tongue and the effects of his enemy. The world of entertainment does not provide any means that the screen occupies with a soap opera that looks like its and its surroundings. 90 minutes from the court are hours and hours of mediation; And that makes it instantly reliable.

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