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Diario Uno – Ley de Endometriosis: "It's normal that the menstruation"


Dolores intensely as imposing the cats to the cavities and extreme hemorrhages during the periodic menstrual cycle of the indications that algo is not present. The llaman is "enfermedad silenciosa" and it is one of the most common genetics patologists in the community of women in their early years, a decade of desiccation.

It is the endometriosis that is affecting 15% of the population of women in the world, but in the official statistical state of the world, there is a clear panorama of the dolphins.

With the naturalization of the menstrual cycle, the diagnostic may cause different lesions when it produces the infection continuously on the camino and provokes its complications in the organisms of the vagina, the intestines in other organs.

In the mayor of the casinos it is easy to find the diagnostic solo with the woman's bus stop and can not conceive that she is directing her fertility.

Proyectos en espera y una nueva oportunidad

There are many projections that they have presented to Mendoza, as Nación is concerned that this is a marine conservation such as a critique of patience.

This calibration rate is great for people who like the pods, as mayor coberture in medicines, medicinal licenses, and medically integral treatments.

The Senate of San Luis María Eugenia Catalfamo presented a rehearsal project in the Congress for the Mediational Planning Plan for the detection, diagnostics, control, treatment, pharmacy and therapy of apoyo.

The birth certificate for the female muscle collective "Endometriosis Mendoza" is reuniting the sobs of 17 in Garibaldi and San Martín.

Qué es la Endometriosis

The societies of the Endometriosis of the calcium as "mysterious infarction" have been considered.

If the cause is not always stable, this is the cause of the tea that is the interior of the interior and that creates all the meses to recreate the embargo and it is removed from the menstruation and the cells are alway in the zonas del organismo.

In the case of endometriosis lesions can be found in the pelvis, overexposure of the ovaries, trumpets, ligaments that have been exposed, the area between the vagina and the rectangle, the outer part of the outer wall and the reclamation of the pelvic cavity (peritoneum). And algae ocasiones, the endometriosis can localize and quiruricic cysts, the intestines or the recto, the veil, the vagina, the vulva, the cello delen etc. Con menos frecuencia puede ubicarse fuera abdomen como en el pulmón o la nariz.

Vivir con Endometriosis

"It's time for all those months to go to a seminary in the tramadol," said Eliana, one of the organizers of the sabbatum.

"Todo el tiempo nos dicen que el dolor es normando cuando menstruás pero no es, que se terminar con eso y que difundirlo para que todas las chicas y las nenas sepan. rápido porque ahora el primer que hacen es solo darte constante, "explicir la mujer de 47 años cuyo padecimiento la llevó tomar esta causa como bandera.

And, from a cerebral paraphernalia, Elina descended, who encounters a phase 4, more seriously, and reputedly said: "It's normal that it's normal that it's normal to shoot at the same time, de hemorragia ".

Ella is the only one, in the Facebook profile of Endometriosis Mendoza, the decades of the women who have come to the fore. "It's a violin sentence that has escaped, which explains why the operatives of Salud have failed."

In recent years, endeavoring to "endoguestreras", the women who suffer from this is the fact that they are the mantle of the alphabet for the naturalization of the millennia, as part of the life of the women.

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