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Delta variant in Córdoba: five people arrested for spreading coronavirus | They follow the zero-stem patient chain of contacts. There are 800 isolated

Although since the government of Juan Schiaretti insists that the arrival of the Delta tribe in Córdoba for now is about “an intra-family outbreak”, last night there were 20 directly infected; 800 isolated people and 318 tests were performed. The director of Epidemiology of the province said that point was “intra” because “all cases were discovered,” the Channel 10 official claimed.

But in the last 48 hours, Córdoba seemed “the clear example of how a pandemic begins (or continues),” the infectious disease specialist told this newspaper. Hugo Roland, former director of Rawson Hospital. “A traveler who returns and does not respect isolation. He infects his family and then those he contacts while dreaming.” The result, more than 20 infected by direct infection; and about 800 isolated people, since close contacts were added last night the education communities of four primary schools whose students and teachers are under testing and supervision because their children were among the first infected and the schools have been personally open since 26 July, following the decision of the government of Juan Schiaretti.

This is how things are in what the beginning seems to be of the third wave covid In Cordoba.

“We all knew this could happen. It would happen. It was inevitable,” said infectious disease specialist Hugo Roland. “More than the borders are open and there are no concrete face-to-face checks by the state for travelers. . In these kinds of situations of sanitary disasters, it is necessary to have clear prevention policies. I cite two or three examples. In Sydney (Australia) with the appearance of a single traveler with Delta, there was a lockdown of two weeks. After the England-Italy (football) final at Wembley, ten days passed, sweeping the infections and closing England. It had to be limited to the Prime Minister (Boris Johnson). “

According to Roland, “the more infections there are, the more likely the virus will mutate and generate prevalence, such as those in the Delta. The more circulation from organism to organism, the more likely the virus will mutate and become more or less will It is in a way that Darwin’s theory was confirmed 150 years later. Surviving the strongest. In this case, the predominant tribe“. Hugo pizza, an infectious disease specialist and professor at the University of Córdoba, described the onset of this outbreak as “an epidemiological bomb” thrown by one man. With annoyance clear in his voice, he told the reporter Mario Pensavalle dat “this means a contradiction”; and “it is an epidemiological stumbling block of great dimensions. Due to the lack of discipline, the lack of empathy, the lack of common sense of this person. The people who arrive in the country know that they are immersed in a tragedy, but in addition to knowing, they have to behave. And yet later a person comes and throws an epidemiological bomb of these characteristics at us. This attitude really causes a lot of annoyance. “

This attitude is what the Delta patient in Córdoba had: he is a 62-year-old man who returned from Lima, Peru, on July 19, to Jorge Newbery Airport, and from there to Córdoba. His test came back negative. But he was warned that he would have another seven days later. He did not respect the affidavit he signed about ten days of being isolated in his home in a neighborhood of the capital Cordovan. “It looks like there was no party, but he went looking for a car at a relative’s house and stayed with him and his family for a while. Not long. That shows how quickly the contamination of this strain occurs “, familiar to this diary a spokesman for the Ministry of Public Health of Cordoba.

When he was tested on July 26 and tested positive for covid, his samples were sent to the provincial laboratory, where the presence of the Delta strain (native to India) was verified in his samples. The rest was and has been to follow the chain of contacts of this man.

Five suspects arrested

In the afternoon it was learned that the Sanitary Emergency Fiscal Unit (UFES) accused five people (including two Peruvian citizens) of violating Article 205 of the Criminal Code, which refers to compliance with healthcare and restraint measures in the event of a pandemic.

In the document sent to the media, they report that two are of Peruvian nationality and three are Argentine; and they pointed it out “In the case of the three Argentines, it was found that they did not hold any insulation, despite knowing, after performing the corresponding swabs, that they were positive for covid 19 in its Delta variant. Even the three shone the insulation and opened it. their stores to treat customers.Therefore, the accusation in these three cases was due to the spread of the disease“.

From the UFES they detailed that “All cases are part of the same epidemiological link. The five were arrested and housed in a hotel regulated by the epidemiological area of ​​the Córdoba Province’s Ministry of Public Health.”

The human factor

“The tension Delta have a 140 percent more transfer then the original variant (of Wuhan, China) and 60 percent more than Alpha, also called the British tribe, and it has been proven to provide the immunity created by vaccines to some extent, ” Hugo Roland explained. There is a study with the AstraZeneca. In those who have a dose, it occurs in 71 percent of cases hospitalizations. And with two, at 92 percent. In Scotland, it causes twice as many hospitalizations as the Alpha variant. And it is rumored that by the end of August, 90 percent of new cases in Europe will be remedied. “

The infecologist insisted that “the strategy was to delay the entry of this variant until more people were vaccinated, immunized. But you see, it was not possible. And although now the vaccines are not ideal, as was the case with the first variant , because at least they will prevent hospitalizations. We must take into account that the spread of viruses has no will. It has no character. We model the virus even if we give it the opportunity to multiply. Here, I think, it is terrible. thing now is the presence in schools.It’s a time bomb.Not only should there be stricter supervision of borders and travelers than ever before.schools need to return to virtuality. We’re on the verge of another possible explosion. It must be remembered that protocols reduce risk but do not suppress it. It is not so. However (the virus) will pass. The only thing we can do is slow it down and get vaccinated as quickly as possible. The (provincial) government must go out to vaccinate house after house. And get the teachers and students out of the schools. Presence seems to me an exaggerated risk. And not to mention new flexibilities in football or quartet dances. See – he emphasizes – it is still simple: the more infected, the more saturation of the health system, more mutations and more time to overcome all this “.

The Surgeon Doctor Master in Bioethics Carlos “Sproeten” Soriano he observes what happens as “a sum of irresponsibilities. The man did not fulfill his civic duty in a pandemic; but the State (national-provincial) is the first responsible for this happening. Care should not be left to a particular individual, to ordinary people, in a context such as this. There should be state policies and controls so that a virus does not spread“.

From the Children’s Hospital, Estela Giménez, holder of the Association of Health Workers, said to Page 12 that “this is a new blow to the terrible fatigue, exhaustion and precaution we have been struggling with since the pandemic began.” Giménez is worried about what could happen if “the tribe is community-based, taking into account that although hospitalizations have dropped, there are many old prisoners who have been on respirators for 50 days. The treatments are sometimes very long. as very virulent and end in a week. There is no rest period. “From the sector they demand increases and a new parity. “Here in pediatrics, there are not so many covid, but there is an occupancy rate of 80 percent due to respiratory diseases typical of winter. Our multifunctional therapy works at a literal 110 percent, because we have more beds than “There are many children under the age of two. Many who do not breathe well and have to go to more complex ones.”

Back to school virtuality

“This tribe circulates in 95 countries and 600 people enter the country every day. And because the provinces have no control, the National State would have to do that,” he stressed. Carlos Soriano. It is irresponsible to have face-to-face classes and not have a preventive policy for this. This virus is controlled in two ways: vaccination of 70 percent of the population and those who come to apply strict control. Control of a pandemic cannot be delegated to civic responsibility. This is a health disaster. And we’re still a month away from having 60 percent vaccinated. There are many people who do not have the second dose of Sputnik. Therefore, the policy should be prevention. “

Soriano notes that “when we opened lessons on March 1, there were 4,600 daily infections in the whole country; and now we have over 14,000. In Córdoba, we have 2,000 registered infections per day and about twenty deaths per day. “The state must make clear guidelines. Control. It is the first responsibility”.

At the end of this edition, the Secretary for the Promotion and Prevention of Health, Gabriela Barbás, He reports that There are already 20 infected with the Delta strain in the city of Córdoba. To the 17 who were verified, three were added, “two immediate relatives” of the traveler, and “a neighbor who went to buy in the pantry” of two of the three Argentine citizens who have been detained and accused of spreading dangerous disease. “. According to Barbás (the only official who places her face and explains from the Ministry of Public Health), they continue to “wait for the results of the tests made to close contacts”; while the “sanitation” of the four schools attended by the smallest who were infected with the Delta tribe continues.

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