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Damián Betular’s first appearance at Masterchef 2015 went viral and fans called him “unrecognizable”

Damien Betular’s first appearance in Masterchef

Damien Betular He fills a role that, added to his personality, has made him a media figure that transcends his professional recognition as a pastry chef. He is a pastry chef at the Palacio Duhau – Park Hyatt hotel, but he became popular, first because of his participation in Bake off Argentina and, now, for one of the three juries of Masterchef celebrity (Phone),

But for this presentation, Betular had shown all its pastries as a guest chef in the first edition of Masterchef, which took place in 2015 and with participants who were not famous. In that edition, the one that made up the jury Donato de Santis, Germán Martitegui en Christophe krywonis, with the driving of Mariano Peluffo,

Your task, at that moment, was to help participants prepare macaroni, perhaps the specialty in which Betular stands out,

A good macaron should have a good texture in the filling, which is a ganache like a jam, A good texture in the almond and that it fuses, that it is somewhat soft in the mouth. Taste must prevail”Was the advice that Damien gave the participants. What is special is that these days a fragment of that program went viral on social networks and there were many who played to find “the seven differences” between Betular yesterday and Betular today,

Six years ago, Betular appeared at Masterchef in a coat and shirt, shaved and with a smart demeanor compared to the one he is developing now. With a different hairstyle, a different style of glasses and a hipster beard, Damián now dresses in a more informal way, with patterned jeans.

“He is unrecognizable!” Said one of. “He looks much younger now,” added another. “You are like wine: the bigger you are, the better,” added another. All messages pointed in the same place with surprise: time improved the appearance of Betular,

Damián Betular was born in Dolores.  He is 38 years old and was received in 2002 as Gastronomic Professional and in 2003 as Professional Pastry Chef at the IAG
Damián Betular was born in Dolores. He is 38 years old and was received in 2002 as Gastronomic Professional and in 2003 as Professional Pastry Chef at the IAG

“I want to show Germán … I want her to know that I went to an interview when I opened a restaurant fifteen years ago and that does not need me”, he had told Damien Betular in one of the tests of the first season of Masterchef celebrity, That was one of the first times the mysterious jury had personal issues within the reality, leaving a door open so that the public could begin to know him, outside of his role as jury.

Although it is strict and detailed in bringing back participants, during the tour of the workstations, you can not only put yourself in the shoes of the famous people and give them some advice so that they can continue with the kitchen and provide a better dish.

Damien was born in Dolores, He is 38 years old and received a Gastronomic Professional in 2002 and a Professional Pastry Chef in 2003 at the IAG. However, the kitchen has been with him for as long as he can remember: as a boy, Betular She was once with her mother and grandmother while they were shopping, she even looked at Utilísima and asked her to write down the recipes.

In more than one chance He said several of the dishes he tried out from his role as a jury in the Telefe cycle reminded him of tastes from his childhood and the things his mother, grandparents and aunts loved so much for the family tarieden.


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