Monday , November 29 2021

Córdoba Avenue reopens in Palermo: without a transition level or a bridge at the junction with Juan B. Justo


The "new" Cordoba Avenue will be available today to transport the intersection Juan B. Justo, in Buenos Aires near Palermo, after 33 days, the historic Puente de la Reconquista was demolished and progress was made with the construction of the San Martín vicarage.

The opening of the road will lead to an area that is in & # 39; In recent weeks, cars were moved by car, despite the efforts of # agendas left to organize the transit in # 39; the day's district by the office building and night for their bars and restaurants.

The head of the government of the city, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, will be the formal actress of # 39; the rebirth of Cordoba at 13 at this time. He will be assisted by the Secretary of Transport, Juan José Méndez.

Video of the Infobox: This is how the Cordoba and Juan B juniors would be seen, just for the reform

Juan B. Justo Avenue will continue to be closed until March 2019, when the complete departure of the bridge ends. Until then, the deviations from the light traffic and of the computers that usually move the metrobus will be.

The Viaduct of Viaduct of San Martín consists of the conversation of 11 level crests (Cordoba Avenue, Corrientes Avenue, Newbery Avenue, Trelles / Warnes, Honduras, Gorriti, Y. Cabrera, Niceto Vega, Loyola, Ramírez de Velasco and Girardot.) , it changes in traditional crosses. "The removal of spawning will prevent interference and improve road safety, waiting places, footpaths and traffic flow", provide the officials of the area.

The routes of busses

– Before the time in av. Córdoba, buses 140 (Correo Central / Bolougne), 151 (Puente Saavedra / Constitución) and 168 (Puente Saavedra / Constitución) had to differ. Everyone will be back on today, November 23rd, their regular routes av. Córdoba.

– About the snow in av. Juan B. Justo, line 166 (Palermo / Libertad), and those who provide alternative service and strengthening to FF.CC. San Martín, save the following route:

* Towards the south: av. Juan B. Justo, Jose A. Cabrera, Fitz Roy, Castillo, av. Juan B. Fair.

* Towards the north: av. Juan B. Justo, Godoy Cruz, Jose A. Cabrera, av. Juan B. Fair.

Changing direction and opening of streets

Villarroel and Aguirre street open in a northwestern direction (they will remain the moment). Also for the snipe in av. Juan B. Justo made the following changes in the direction of Castillo and Cabrera Street, while allowing the entry to Castle Level to be enabled.

* Castle between Humboldt and Av. Juan B. Justo will be the only one in a southerly direction (to Av Juan B. Justo).

* Cabrera between Godoy Cruz and av. Juan B. Justo will be unified in a northwestern direction (to Av Juan B. Justo).

Parking spaces in both hands:

– Godoy Cruz between av. Juan B. Justo and Honduras.

– Honduras between Godoy Cruz and av. Juan B. Fair.
– Cabrera between Godoy Cruz and Fitz Roy.
– Fitz Roy between Cabrera and Loyola.
– Castle between Fitz Roy and av. Juan B. Fair.
– Loyola between Fitz Roy and av. Juan B. Fair.

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