Tuesday , November 30 2021

Convocan a paro bancario para mañana


The world of media has managed to move the companies that will "update the salary" that will prevail against paratroopers Fuente: Archivo

La Asociación Bancaria convocó un


The 24 hours a month all over the world are reflected in some of the key features that "update the saloon from 1 October to October", as it has been accredited in the parish.

"There are no excuses for the bonds that are being updated, as is the cohesive agreement with the April parietal parole, the salary to be part of the 1st October," said the federal entity, which is precisely on the bancos that are pleasing to the
medida de fuerza.

In a comunicated firm, the general secretary of Sergio Palazzo, the organization said
They have been included in the accounts of Abappra (which is a statutory bureau) that goes to the Banco Central, where he has been ".

"Elle supone – the current case with the legislative election – the validity of the daily salary update for everyday life," he said. This is a panorama, convinced of a 24-hour parade in the country of the 0 of November, 4th November, "on which it was never registered in the correspondent update".

In August, the Bank opened up the salary change rate and added an additional 8% interest rate, with 4% of cash, and fell off with the salaries of September. Increasingly, the parity of the sector has reached the 32% annual rate in April, the Gremio has held a 15% shareholder, but has reconciled to the perpetrators of the influx of inflows of 2017 to 4, 2%, the rate is posted on the NA NA.

The official salary of a bank account is actually 35 thousand pesos, one of the largest servers in the sector.

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