Friday , April 23 2021

Confirmation of missing faxes: "Children are at risk of sickness" |

Mandatory boxes merge into Santa Fe, a scenario that is being restored throughout the country. The situation was described as "worrisome" by the Minister of Social, Andrea Uboldi, in order to make that claim already done to the government of the Nation.

In the dialogue with Roberto Caferra (Radiópolis, Radio 2), said the officer that "last year we have irregularities and we close the year with 50 percent of my doses. would meet with the incomplete imposition scheme. "For the doctor, what happens" is to be concerned, we must have vaccines to protect children. "

Uboldi confirmed that the corresponding requests were included in & Santa 39's government & # 39; e Nation in the absence of rotavirus, triple cell, meningococcus and menveo. However, normalization was expected after February, however, according to what was transported, the doses sent to the large cities did not reach.

"The faxes serve to protect children and if they are not available at the time the application is set up and the risk that is certain for the children cannot be moved.", The minister judged that she was trying to be a faculty of factories throughout the country. "Children are in danger of being sick and the risk is increased as the pulse is lost, not just for the children, but for the rest, indirectly. The vaccine lowers the burden of disease, "he said.

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