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China lights up its own Nasdaq


He STAR indexWith 25 debut technology companies, Monday began operating in Shanghai. The uploads, sometimes during the session, are 100% accessible. In & # 39; the middle of & # 39; however, in the afternoon these elevations are more moderate until this income at 84%.

This new stock market, which can only quote scientific-technological companies, aims to provide inspiration from the US Nasdaq index. First of all whereby many Chinese start-ups can go to the capital brand to fund their development. And, secondly, stimulating scientific-technical innovation through huge Chinese savings. Now, many investors still remember what happened to the index CHINEXT, another Chinese branding brand was similar to the American Nasdaq's behind the bubble of & # 39; e 2015 scholarship bags

Anji Microelectronics, a manufacturer dedicated to judges, was stopped from trading after registering a 400% rise. And Harbin Xinguang Optic-Electronics, the one who's the least rose was included in a 84% total profit. They are clearly speculative revenues that we, in some measure, remember as the Chinese stock markets lost five billion dollars in the summer of 2015.

"The big Chinese companies will continue to choose to go outside the country, as has been done with Alibaba or Tencent," he says. Wang Yifa, Haitong Realtor, asked by LEADERS. With the launch of the STAR index, Sina is at least trying to consolidate its technological commitment by delivering enough liquidity. Due to the commercial war with the FS, Beijing wants to reduce its technological dependencyThis is possible through the development of their own technologies funded by stock brands such as the STAR index.

Producers of chips, new materials, artificial intelligence as biotechnology, including industry, are all part of & quot; STAR index. In you sense Through efficient financial markets, China is trying to finance its new economic model. That is, with other words, the contribution of different scientific and technical advances to Chinese GDP must have reached a 20% share in 2025,

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