Tuesday , January 19 2021

Central figure of TN and El Trece stands for a moment of tension as they wait for his wadding

This week, a debate was launched on television programs and on social networks about the government’s recommendations in the face of the exponential increase in cases of coronavirus in the whole country. Nelson Castro which, being very critical of the new proposed measures, made strong disclaimers in this regard in their cycles broadcast by TN en The thirteen

This January 9th broke the news that Castro has some symptoms compatible with Covid-19 and decided to take certain precautionary measures. Journalist Pablo Mountain gave some details about the health of the news anchor on his Twitter account: “Nelson Castro had to isolate himself for prevention. He is hoarse and the wadding is already done. Wait for the result.

«#ElCorresoonsal is in charge of @fmercuriali and @nelsonalcastro left his house to tell how he was. It is worth clarifying that he is far from aphonia, “said La Nación’s communications. For his part, Nelson responded to the information published by his colleague on his own Twitter account and users of the social network had many to say.

Some wrote words of encouragement to communication in this time of uncertainty. One person commented, for example: “Nelson I’m sorry you are not good. I wish you rapid improvement and that the test is negative. Good luck! Keep us posted on how to proceed. Look. “From another perspective, a tweeter claimed:” Have you seen that it is not right to campaign against vaccination? That you are getting better “(sic).

«Dr. you have to raise the air temperature a bit if you do not make these bad toys. A toast tea with honey and a good weekend! », Another Internet user advised Castro. In case their colleagues test positive on the signal, they should also undergo the test and there may be changes and replacements in the Clarín Group channels.

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