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Carla Soggiu would be disoriented and drowned

The Carla's families received the least news Source: Tel

The body of a 28-year-old woman who wanted to be on Tuesday was found yesterday at the Riachuelo

"I have water on my face." It was the last thing I told him
Carla Soggiu is an operator of the antipanical device that supports her. It was 21.14 last Tuesday. Four days later, the body was found to be the wife of 28 years old
Floating in the Riachuelo, in & # 39; It is just over four kilometers away from the site where the last communication is registered.

In the dialogue with the operator, Carla would have said she didn't want her to find her water on their feet, that there was a lot of sleep and fuel.

Starved, minutes to 6.30, found a field researcher from the Acumar (Matanza Riachuelo Basin Authority) that the body flowed from a woman a few meters from & # 39; a bridge bridge, at the height of Barracas and from & # 39; the coast of Avellaneda.

One of & # 39; the workers that & # 39; t works on & # 39; a barge that cleans the bed of the Riachuelo, saw a body floating and at & # 39; e head. Because he knew about searching for a woman, 28 years old, who had disappeared last Tuesday, in Nueva Pompeya, the operator warned the troops of & # 39; preferred preferences & # 39; in & # 39; install an old Barracas bridge.

According to sources of the research, the victims' parents acknowledge the light of his daughter by photographing them in the & # 39; s office of & # 39; show an audience award.
A tattoo and a pearl were the elements of the body of a woman in & # 39; A Riachuelo found that, according to the parents of his young woman, she reduced that of Carla.

However, last week, for the autopsy, the expert fingerprints of the body were compared to the docile file of the young woman's & # 39; s young woman's & # 39; a database of Renaper (National Register of Persons).

The body's review should include the & # 39; a Mobile Criminalistics Unit, warn that it is not a sign of violence, and that it has been in the water in several days.

While these elements pay the bill that the girl has disappeared, meant for the same day she disappeared, last night the autopsy was done to just how and when she died and if she was killed, it was an inconvenience .

Undaunted, Carla's families and friends have closed the traffic at & # 39; s Asina Bridge and requested & # 39; e matter.

Carla, was the mother of two children, aged 2 and 4 and had since December 26 an anti-panic button because she has her ex-partner, Sergio Fuentes, for

great violence

. The ex-husband of Carla is in Marcos Paz's prison prison. The judge of Osvaldo Rappa's instruction ordered him in & # 39; a family and an explanation for being home to Carla's home, there they did not live, in Cabred at 2100, where & # 39; he beat them and crushed them.

In & # 39; the first hours of the search, the families report & # 39; The girls that the parents and the older sister of "their accusations" have been keeping them responsible for sending their ex-husband to prison.

The researchers did not postpone the suggestion that he was delivering and the abusive behavior he was subjected to would cramp the effects of the hydrocephalus that he had. As a result of this pathology, Carla was operated and an intrracranial valve was placed. In some cases, during periods of disorientation, researchers also have hospitals in the first days of & # 39; a search.

According to sources surveyed, one of Carla's reads was recorded live images by a security camera in Sáenz at 500, currently at & # 39; they descended from bus line 32 between 18 and 18:30.

On 20.07, Carla activated the anti-panic device, which is not merely a dangerous incident, but also an operator-victim dialogue. According to sources in the research, he told the operator that he was disoriented. An hour later, at 21.14, the woman again sent a panic button.

Due to the fact that the technology of the city police is the location of the last phone of & # 39; visit a phone call in & # 39; A Riachuelo, President César Troncoso directs both banks to see the girl fall into the water.

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