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Cancer – Tuesday, November 13, 2018: Happy day in emotional reality


Astrological News: Today, Tuesday, your ruler, the Moon, enters the sign of Aquarius. Planets Venus, Libra, Uranus, Aries and Neptune continue to regress in Pisces.

This Tuesday, when the moon passes through elements of the air, the original and original "spark" is greatly improved. If you have a problem between you and your partner, do not lighten your past experience. And now you can solve them leaving that job. Remember that the key to good relationships is based on communication between the two. Take a deep breath before talking uncomfortable. Often we do not have to regret what we say or do not write. But the opposite is usually a challenge for us. The best thing about Cancerian is that you have learned in other situations and have overcome what you have to have.

November 13 Tuesday, 8th For all, what does it mean?


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It is time to define the confusing sentimental situation. The love, enthusiasm, and passion that you have put into your relationship will give you back a spark that can energize you. You are all love and passion, Cancerian. And now you join in the good quality originality in the time of your sexual intimacy.

You feel a high level of energy. You will do a lot of things, and above all, you will practice a health plan that you did not want. When you propose, you will see promising results.

Do not make decisions related to job changes until you are sure of the advantages and disadvantages of other options. When it takes time, many times it looks very good, it is not, and thoughtful analysis shows it.

Your Zodiac signs represent the most sensitive part of your body. Discover it!


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Money and property
Do not be discouraged if you do not get what you want right now. Your efforts will allow you to get good results if you do not allow momentary frustrations to claim and deprive your passion.

Today's Astral Biorhythm
Tuesday's sexual function level: moderate rise at night.
What you need to face is space mechanics: intuition, sixth sense and inherent Cancer's intuitive abilities to be your ally when determining relevant issues.
Tuesday 's dangerous trend Cancer: It' s intertwined with people you meet emotionally or emotionally.
What should I avoid? Feelings are confused with emotions.
Today's verses: Our minds are capable of abstract thinking that separates enthusiasm from reality. If that does not happen, there is an intelligence problem.

Couple's forecast for today's Tuesday
Today's Best Relationship: This Tuesday's job will be great for you with Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus and Capricorn.
Most tense relationships: tend to occur in Aquarius or Aries.
Current Compatibility: Fire and air, especially Aries and Aquarius, are recommended to have instable water and earth.
If you are single and single: these days of November you are entering a new astral stage where love at least occurs at the moment of thought.

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